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Archive of Association of the 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry (Mechanized) Site Updates

Update History (December 31, 2002 to June 30, 2003)

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Links will take you to the page(s) where changes were made:
30 June 2003 Started updating the historical timeline, and changed the official Association mailing address on numerous pages.
29 June 2003 Added a few new games to the Games page (just for fun). Added verses and Toby's photo to the Chaplain's Corner.
28 June 2003 Added a separate Games page to the Stand-down section.
27 June 2003 Updated a host of pages with Association Treasurer Chuck McAleer's new email (effective 30 June). Address updates will follow when known. Updated Taps page with news of Bernie Bierman's death. Added John Albritton as new Life Member on Awards page. Congratulations, John!
25 June 2003 Updated interim PX page. Will continue to amend it as more products become available and when our merchant facilities are approved and we can offer credit card payment. Please be patient.
24 June 2003 Miscellaneous editing.
22 June 2003 Updated Members Email page.
15 June 2003 Added General Meeting Minutes received from Gary Quint to News and Reunion pages. Added 2005 Reunion (Sydney, Australia) announcement of Society of 173rdAirborne Brigade (SEP) to Reunion page. Added some new information from John (The Mole) Williams and Frenchy Lagimoniere to the Tiger war story.
14 June 2003 Added Roger Irvin as new Life Member on Awards page. Congratulations, Roger! Added new war story by Rick Leland and Frenchy Lagimoniere. Set up archive to activate 1 July 2003.
13 June 2003 Added nine more Chuck McAleer photos to the Photography page.
12 June 2003 Updated News page.
11 June 2003 Added names of battalion KIA to META tags in the In Memoriam title page to assist search engines. Added Rick Leland's photos (including the tiger and sinking APC) to the Photography page.
10 June 2003 Added seven more Photography pages for our KIAs of whom I have one or more photographs.
9 June 2003 Updated Members Email page. Added 15 period photographs of R&R destinations Brisbane and Sydney with permission from Marcus Clark, Sydney photographer, and generally updated the R&R page.
6 June 2003 Added a wonderful article by Jan Byron entitled, "Someday We'll Be Together!" about the King's Cross district in Sydney, Australia, during 1967-1970. I posted it in both War Stories and the R&R page.
4 June 2003 Revised annual dues to $25 on application page and form. Updated Members Email page. Significantly updated new II Corps Map Index and Maps pages. Updated Site Map to keep abreast of recent additions.
3 June 2003 Added new II Corps Map Index (under construction) to Maps page.
2 June 2003 Updated Members Email page.
1 June 2003 Added Photography pages for those of our KIAs for whom I have one or more photographs; I would sincerely appreciate more input and corrections emailed whenever convenient. Thanks.
31 May 2003 Added Copyright Statement page; will successively add statement to each web page's nav bar over coming weeks as pages are republished. See republished Photography page for example.
28 May 2003 Added Bruce Backes(54E 042) photos to the Photography section. Updated In Memoriam Alphabetical and Chronological pages to correct spellings of three middle names and delete 25th Infantry soldier (Cavanaugh). Updated Wanted page to delete or mark six persons found since last update. Updated Members Email page.
27 May 2003 Added James Cannon, C Company 69-70, to Taps page. He was one of mine.
26 May 2003 Uploaded Photo Album No. 2 of CSM Allmendinger as a special feature, and linked Albums 1 and 2 to Herman's webpage in the Photography section. Updated In Memoriam Alphabetical page to fix spacing between letter sections. Added photo section for SGT Dennis W. Moore (14W 069) and worked out method for photos of KIAs.
25 May 2003 Added LT Rick Ramey to Taps page. Added Edmund Scott as Life Member to Awards page.
22 May 2003 Uploaded Photo Album No. 1 of CSM Allmendinger as a special feature, but have not yet linked it to any live page on the website other than here. Album No. 2 is scanned but not formatted. Off to Melbourne on business, will finish when I get back early next week.
21 May 2003 Added Photographs of Toby Hamon, Richard Kerr and Olan Pike. Added some DHTML scripts here and there.
20 May 2003 Updated Life Members list on Association Awards page. Thanks Chuck. It should now be complete. Added dummy pages for daily photographs of the reunion, as follow: Photo Page 23 April. Check-in and Southern hospitality; Photo Page 24 April. The Home of the Infantry shows off; Photo Page 25 April. Fort Benning's 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry; Photo Page 26 April. Tours, dinner and General Meeting; and Photo Page 27 April. Check out, bon voyage and memories. YOUR REUNION PHOTOS ARE URGENTLY NEEDED!!! Send to Webmaster Ray.
19 May 2003 Posted special page on the 2003 reunion and updated the Reunion and Map pages.
16 May 2003 Updated Members Email page.
15 May 2003 Added a joke to the Jokebook.
14 May 2003 Added an old sketch my aunt gave me during my April trip to the Art page. Making progress with scanning the photos from the Reunion 2003 (your patience is appreciated). Renamed War Story on Howie Pontuck and added story "COMUSMACV" (thanks Dick) and Westmoreland photo (thanks Olan), added News stories from Life Magazine 29 June 1969 and CHCA Reporter. Added pictures of LTC Hutson (thanks Richard Kerr).
13 May 2003 Updated News page and Association Awards page to incorporate articles from the Fort Benning Bayonet regarding the 2003 Reunion. Added small American Flag (see upper right) to Home page, What's New page, Message Board and other pages to link to our Patriotism page. Updated Notice Board with Billie McGregor's new address (for scanning photos, etc.)
12 May 2003 Updated Association Application page, News page and Message Board to reflect the new Life Member Certificate to be issued in the near future to all Life Members.
11 May 2003 Started amending layout of War Stories page (old layout had just about reached its limits. This is a work in progress.
10 May 2003 Updated Members Email page and amended USA patriotism page. Again resisted urge to add to Official Jokebook page.
9 May 2003 Added entries for Robert Lee Owens and John Joseph Monaghan Jr. on the Alphabetical and Chronological lists in our In Memoriam section, thanks to input at the Reunion from Tom Knepp, Roger Irvin, Gladys Grubb and others.
7 May 2003 Updated Association News page and Patriotism page to reflect award by http://www.patriotfiles.com of the Patriot Award to our website for outstanding military and patriotic content. Added Thurman Pike's captured sketch "The Red Pony" to our Combat Art page.
6 May 2003 Updated Association News page, Home page, Message Board, Association Contacts and Reunion page to reflect outcomes of General Meeting, and cleaned advertisements off of Message Board.
5 May 2003 Webmaster returned from Reunion 2003 refocused, rejuvenated and reenlisted. Updated list of Reunion 2003 registered attendees on Reunion page per final registrations provided by Gary Quint.
10 April 2003 Updated Members Photos page.
8 April 2003 Updated list of Reunion 2003 registered attendees on Reunion page.
7 April 2003 Updated Members Email page, Members Photos page, SRAP page, and added names to SRAP 1969 photo on HHC Unit page. Resisted urge to add to Official Jokebook page.
1 April 2003 Nam Magazine named our website their Website of the Week for 23 March 2003. Updated News page and Official Jokebook page.
31 March 2003 Updated list of Reunion 2003 registered attendees on Reunion Page.
28 March 2003 Updated Members Email page, Company Commander's page, News page, Contacts page, and added newsletters for 2002 and Winter 2003 as downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
24 March 2003 Updated list of Reunion 2003 registered attendees on Reunion Page. Updated the Official Jokebook.
20 March 2003 Added list of Reunion 2003 registered attendees to Reunion Page. Updated Members Email page.
16 March 2003 Added another joke to the Official Jokebook.
7 March 2003 Updated Members Email page, added Rigo's story on Medics and Rigo's website link, and added updated Association Constitution and By-Laws page.
2 March 2003 Updated Members Email page and added Bryan (Frenchy) Lagimoniere's photos to Photographers page.
24 February 2003 Updated Members Email page and the Official Jokebook.
16 February 2003 Updated Members Email page.
30 January 2003 Returned safe from Australian Open tennis tournament. Don't ask me about the Williams(squared) final! Posted reminder from Chuck McAleer that the 2003 dues are now due on the message board and News page. Posted 2003 Reunion registration form and schedule of events on the Reunion page.
17 January 2003 Updated Members Email page.
15 January 2003 Added another joke to the Official Jokebook; actually, it really happened just an hour ago!
13 January 2003 Thanks to Donald Jordan, added obituary for Gary Cose on Taps page.
12 January 2003 Added Reunion 2003 logo to Message Board. Fixed links and added some new jokes to the Official Jokebook.
9 January 2003 Added another joke to the Official Jokebook; it's good therapy. Corrected typo on War Stories page.
7 January 2003 Added some photos to the Official Jokebook and updated the SRAP page. Added information to the Reunion page for the Benning Reunion.
6 January 2003 Added some new jokes to the Official Jokebook.
4 January 2003 Added Map of Da Nang and photos to Co. E (Security) 50th Infantry Page. Updated Members Email page,
3 January 2003 Updated Staff page, Scout Platoon page and Taps page.
2 January 2003 What better way to spend New Year's Day than writing a war story between bowl games. Here's mine.
1 January 2003 Updated Members Email page, Wanted page and News page.
31 December 2002 Updated SRAP page, LTC Luck's biography, Bill Moore's Story on Shap, and added a prayer to the Chaplain's page.
24 December 2002 Added bio and photo of LTC Luck kindly provided by Mrs. Evelyn M. Luck.
14 December 2002 Added photographs from Art Borr. Added one new joke.
7 December 2002 Remember Pearl Harbor and that other "Day of Infamy" 11 September 2001! Posted new war story!
6 December 2002 Updated unit awards on Co. E (Rifle Security), 50th Infantry and Co. F (Rifle Security), 50th Infantry pages. Added Christmas message to Message Board.
5 December 2002 Updated Members Emails page.
4 December 2002 Updated discussion on EM MOS levels on MOS page, based on C Co. 31/5/70 and D Co. 30/4/69 rosters.
25 November 2002 Happy Thanksgiving! Back from the coal mines (literally) and updated NCO page and Members Emails.
10 November 2002 Posted yet another new War Story on snakes (#5). Edited the story links to remove some duplicates.
8 November 2002 Transferred Rigo's "Formation of Scout/Recon Platoon" story to Scouts page and added photo; updated Flame and Support Platoon pages.
5 November 2002 Added two news stories from 1970; one includes sound recording of F.U. lizard.
5 November 2002 Posted another new War Story on snakes. Later went back and proof-read the stories and made some edits.
4 November 2002 Posted new War Stories and updated names on SRAP page.
30 October 2002 Look what's served up for Halloween; if you suffer from ophidiophobia, avoid the War Stories page.
29 October 2002 Battalion Maintenance Platoon became the Battalion Support Platoon, Medics' names were added from my shift , and I did more work on hypertext links within the site (a thankless and never-ending task) .
28 October 2002 Added new pages for Battalion Ground Surveillance Section, Battalion Maintenance Platoon and Senior NCOs and updated relevant links. Please be patient as these pages will take some time to complete (as if anything here is ever complete). As always, your input to these pages is crucial to their success, and always warmly welcomed.
27 October 2002 Posted seven new War Stories and added Photography from Shannon Nichols and Michael Hartz.
25-26 October 2002 Not a lot of posted changes, but numerous changes on and behind the scenes. Finally had a chance to work on war stories submitted over the past month (thanks for your patience), coming soon. Also worked on bios of IFFV commanders and photos sent by various people. Updated Members Emails page.
24 October 2002 Added II Corps searchable maps from http://www.nexus.net/~911gfx/IIcorps.html to Photos_maps, and added new links as well. Requested permission to use the II Corps maps via email to 911gfx@nexus.net. Action pending.
23 October 2002 Updated unit awards on History page from Army Pamphlet 672-3.Decorations, Awards, and Honors, "Unit Citation and Campaign Participation Credit Register", 29 January 1988 (Unclassified), PIN: 023543-000
22 October 2002 Added new pages for Company E (Security), 50th Infantry, USARV and Company F (Security), 50th Infantry, USARV, although it begins to look like official records are wrong and Co. F/50 should be Co. E/50. Revised navigation bars for all history section pages to include tabs for Rifle Security companies (E and F).
21 October 2002 Added 36 new links to VA/PTSD/Research Information Page and added navigation links to that page from all 1/50 Association pages, adding the Association navigation buttons to all Association pages, including 1/50 Association, Member Emails, Member Photos, News, Reunions, Taps, Awards, Constitution, Application, VA Research and Notices. Added link to VA Research page onto the website Links page.
20 October 2002 Added more 1/50 entries and updated links on Tet Counteroffensive (68), Counteroffensive_Phase IV_(68) and Counteroffensive Phase V (68) campaigns. Thanks Rigo.
19 October 2002 Updated Commanders list, broken links on News Page, added new poem about Bali to Poetry page, added more 1/50 entries on Tet Counteroffensive (68) and Counteroffensive_Phase 4_(68) campaigns, and updated links on Association Veteran's Research Information page.
18 October 2002 Posted obituary of Jim Sheppard's father on news page. Our thoughts are with you, Jim. Added CPT James Parker to A Co. CO list thanks to Jim Scully.
17 October 2002 Your webmaster has been buried in "real world" work, sorry for any delays in updating. Added Rick Tande's photographs to Photography page.
6 October 2002 Added definition to Vietnam Glossary.
5 October 2002 Updated Site Map, News page, and various 1/50 Association pages,
4 October 2002 Changed "membership" buttons to read "Member Emails". Updated Association Notice Board and Newsletters. Linked to Ron Leraas U.S. Army photos from A Company page.
2-3 October 2002 Added U.S. Army photographs found at NARA by Ron Leraas in May 2002. Photos were added to Photography page, Company A page (the vast majority of the collection), Co. E (LRP), 50th Infantry page and Company B page.
1 October 2002 Updated 1/50 timelines for battles shown in Vietnam Battles downloads in website.
30 September 2002 Updated 1970 dates for XOs on Staff page (thanks, Gus Albritton). Added book review by Dick Guthrie. Added further timeline data from Rigo Ordaz on Tet Counteroffensive campaign. Updated Members list.
25 September 2002 Added additional timeline data from Rigo Ordaz for the Counteroffensive Phase III and Tet Counteroffensive campaigns. Added navigation links to those pages; will update other links in timeline over time as dates are added.
24 September 2002

Updated Historical Timeline section with Rigo's input for significant dates for the battalion from arrival to year-end 1967 during the Counteroffensive Phase III campaign. Added links on Historical Timeline page.

23 September 2002 Updated Site Map to include Timeline files.
17-23 Sept 2002 Adding Historical Timeline section from Ray Sarlin's unpublished website. Significant work needed to design and add linkages. More work needed to identify and enter 1/50th relevant dates and entries (Rigo has sent a number for entry already; very much appreciated). Projected first-round completion 15 October 2002.
17 September 2002 Added new poems by Dennis Driscoll and Richard Guthrie to the Poetry page. Corrected META tag on the Battle of Tam Quan page.
16 September 2002 Posted IWVPA Award on Poetry page.
15 September 2002 Updated names on Members' Photo page.
12 September 2002 Updated banners on this page and and Home page. Updated Scouts page footer.
11 September 2002  
10 September 2002 Updated Association Officers' Contacts page and History - Unit Records page. Updated members' Email page and added September LIGHTS ON banner to this page and Home page.
6 September 2002 Replaced Old-timer's javascript in Jokebook to randomize one tip per page visit. Much work behind the scenes. With 11 September 2002 approaching, God bless America and her many friends throughout the world!
31 August 2002
Added link for Vietnam Veteran's Recognition Day petition to U.S. Congress. It's each person's choice.
28 August 2002 Updated Members Email page. Updated Staff page. Added some additional page counters.
24 August 2002 Added framework for development of IFFV website.
23 August 2002 Updated Members Email page, Poetry page, Book reviews, Film reviews, Links page, and SRAP page. Split Site Update Page as of 1 July 2002, and archived earlier update entries.
16 August 2002 Updated names on Members Photo page and updated archive repository information on Unit Records page.
9 August 2002 Added war story from Dan Schlecht, "Steel Pot, True Love!" Added war story from Mike Chisam, "Your Worst Nightmare!" Amended war story from Dick Guthrie. Updated Members Email with new addresses for John Smerdon and Frank Prado, and updated Members Photos thanks to Ken Riley.
8 August 2002 Amended Unit Records page to include rosters. Added 1,000,000 photographs to Mark Hannan's portfolio.
7 August 2002 Sunburnt Webmaster back on duty and wrote new poem. As a Navajo Rez boy, I was severely disappointed in the film about the WWII Code Talkers; no wonder it was called "Wind Talker" as it was mostly hot air. Removed Jim Sirus from Wanted Posters.
26 July - 6 August Webmaster gone on skiing holiday at Mt Buller, Victoria, Australia, where I did my knee last year. Website will be unmanned during this period, but I hope to be "snowed under" with submissions when I return. Ray.
24 July 2002 Added new poem by John Smerdon called "Fiftieth Infantry Man". Tidied up Poetry page (moved Keats to popup).
16-23 July 2002 Minor daily updates. Added new poem on SRAP I wrote and new SRAP war story by John Smerdon, Added two more war stories from Dick Guthrie.
15 July 2002 Added first official 1/50 song lyrics to Stand-down page (ha ha), and Taps names provided by Ken Riley.
14 July 2002 Added new poem, attendees' names for the 2002 Reunion from Bob Gold, and the recipe for SOS (Stand-down).
13 July 2002 Added new jokes from Jim Hobbs and added one 2002 Reunion photo.
11-12 July 2002 Updated men's names for attendees at 2002 Reunion (need help with women's names). Added Mike Chisam's IOAC paper to News, Records and War Stories page. Added Dick Hooker's tale on War Stories page as well.
10 July 2002 Added links and modified marquee banner on Webrings page, updated Site Map page and Taps page. Added first names and photographs from Bob Gold's 2002 Pig Roast (not-a-reunion reunion).
6-9 July 2002 Updated Home, Updates, Map, Message Board, Reunion and News pages regarding Pig Roast and 2002 Lottery results. Added another poem to the Poetry page. Made up poem for Awards page.
5 July 2002 Corrected two names in the Member Photos; thanks Bill Moore. Hopefully more additions and corrections will flow from the Pig Roast today and tomorrow.
3 July 2002 Amended data on Tim Beverford on the Alphabetical and Chronological lists in our In Memoriam section, thanks to an email from his brother Bill. Changed marquee banners for the Lottery and Pig Roast, and added a 4th of July graphic. Made some updates on Commanders and Staff pages thanks to Jim Woodall. Added a joke from Jim Hobbs, who shall remain nameless.
2 July 2002 Added a new photo to the Schlecht portfolio.
1 July 2002 Added new graphics on Photography page and new photos in Sarlin portfolio (thanks to my ex-wife for sending them to me recently and not throwing them away).

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