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1st 50th Infantry Association

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Major Commands of the 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry In Vietnam


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Current and Past (Vietnam Era) Unit Affiliation Websites

198th Infantry Brigade Homepage
Formerly the Infantry Training Brigade at Ft. Benning. and current parent unit of the present day 1/50th Infantry

1st Cavalry Division Association.

4th Infantry Division Association.

173rd Airborne Brigade.

First Field Force Vietnam Association
Hosted by Our 1/50th Website, Created by former Webmaster Ray Sarlin. The pages remain unfinished, but have been visited by many former IFFV Men. Contains a Guest Book that has quite a few messages.

The 50th Infantry Association website no longer maintains a list of "links" to various Veteran and Vietnam websites.
It is recommended that one use any of the major internet search engines to find information and/or websites relating to your desired topic.
To search for content on our 50th Infantry Website, use the search pane on our "Home Page".

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