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4. Put the APC Back Together!
5. The Hobbs Shuffle!
6. Revenge of Maggie's Drawers!
7. How Rich Do You Want to Be?
8. I Can Read Your Mind!

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Play the Games!

Which soldier is the tallest?

Click here for the answer.

1st Battalion, 50th Infantry

"Play the Game"

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Isn't It Ironic?
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Trivial Pursuit

So what "game" does our battalion motto refer to?

Now that we all know where our cool motto "Play the Game" came from, I felt compelled to find some relevant games for this section. I found a cool minesweeper game to simulate one of our regular missions in Vietnam, but that touched me a bit close to home, so I've shelved it until the game section covers other missions as well.

Your ideas for this section are most welcome; just email Ray Sarlin.

The 1/50(M) Sports Page!

.You can take the boy out of sports, but can you take sports out of the boy? A look at sports issues during our time in Nam.

1/50(M) Trivial Pursuit - Genius Edition!

Stump the experts! A place to post the little known (or cared about) facts and factoids about our time in Nam. Sneak these cards into your home Trivial Pursuit game and never worry about losing to your kids again.

Put the APC Back Together!

Our first game is appropriately called, "Put the APC back together!"

The Hobbs Shuffle!

The "The Hobbs Shuffle," is a fantastic card trick. Webmaster's note: any of you guys from LZ Uplift who gave your monthly pay to MAJ Juliano should get in touch; have I got a great deal for you!

I Can Read Your Mind!

Pick a card, any card!!! for another fantastic card trick. C'mon, what are you scared of? It's only money!

The Revenge of Maggie's Drawers!

This game will test your reflexes and ensure that you are as sharp as you were when your life depended upon your reflexes. Do you remember "BRASS" (breathe, relax, aim, slack, squeeze)? Well, that doesn't really apply here either.

Click on "start" with your computer mouse first, and wait until the background color changes.

As soon as the background color changes, hit "stop!"

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How Rich Do You Want to Be?

If you're like me, you probably don't have much of a retirement package (but of course nobody is like me), so I've added this feature for the day when I become dependent upon winning a lottery. There is just option now, for 6 numbers between 1 to 45. Let me know if you want other options added.

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