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1st Battalion, 50th Infantry Association


The Association schedules formal reunions every two years. On occasion, informal reunions are also held.
Check this page for details!

Our next reunion will be in the Spring of 2021 at Fort Benning, Georgia. Check here for dates and details in late 2020.

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50th Infantry Regimental Colors

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The 2019 Reunion

Our 9th Reunion at Fort Benning, Georgia

See Photo Album

To read the minutes of the General Association Membership Meeting from May 15, 2019 CLICK HERE

2018 Change of Command

To view photos of the event, CLICK HERE

Our 2017 Reunion

See Attendees

Marking 50 years since the 50th Infantry Deployment to Vietnam
Celebrating 100 years since the formation of the 50th Infantry Regiment

See Photo Album

2016 "A Gaggle of Medics"
Fort Sam Houston, Texas, September 12th & 13th

To view photos of the event, CLICK HERE

2016 Change of Command

To view photos of the event, CLICK HERE

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Our 2015 Reunion

Our 7th reunion at Fort Benning Georgia, April 28th to May 1st

See Photo Album


2014 Change of Command

To view photos of the event, CLICK HERE

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Our 2013 Reunion

Our 6th Reunion at Fort Benning Georgia, April 30th to May 3rd

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To view photos of the event, CLICK HERE

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We honor one of our own - Jay Copley receives the Distinguished Service Cross

2011 Reunion, Fort Benning Georgia, April 26th to 29th

See Photo Album


NEW!!! Recording of Jay Copley's Distinguished Service Cross Acceptance Speech CLICK HERE

2011 Association Business Meeting Minutes: CLICK HERE

2010 Off-Year Alumni gathering: Gettysburg, PA

To view photos of the event, CLICK HERE


To view photos of the event, CLICK HERE
To read the "Bayonet" newspaper article about the event, CLICK HERE
To read John Topper's article from the June issue of "On The Right Track", CLICK HERE

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Visiting the new National Infantry Museum

2009 Reunion, Fort Benning Georgia, August 4th to 7th

See Photo Album

Once again we gathered at the home of the 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry...Fort Benning, Georgia.


2009 Association Business Meeting Minutes: Click Here

2008 Change of Command and Honorary Colonel & Command Sergeant Major Investiture

To view photos of the events, CLICK HERE

See Attendees

Welcoming the New 198th Infantry Brigade

2007 Reunion, Fort Benning Georgia, May 15th to 19th

See Photo Album

NEW!!! View a Video of some of the highlights of the 2007 Reunion!! CLICK HERE
Read Dick Guthrie's stuccato account of the experiences of being reunited with old combat friends! CLICK HERE

To download and/or view the Executive Committee Meeting and General Membership meeting Minutes as well as the financial report for the reunion: CLICK HERE

See Attendees

Our Memorial in place

2005 Reunion, Fort Benning Georgia, May 3rd to 7th

See Photo Album


The 2005 Reunion was once again held at Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia with the current-day 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry as hosts. The Reunion 2005 committee (John Topper, Bob Gold, Randy Smith, Otis Ponds and Linda Payne) did a fantastic job in arranging another great reunion.


Above is a photo of the Monument Donated by our Association and dedicated to our fallen brothers. It has been given a place of honor in front of the 1/50th Battalion Headquarters. Words cannot describe the emotions that flowed from us all as we witnessed a dedication ceremony...highlighted by the arrival of a 1/50th Training Company! Those men marched in calling cadence and brought tears... and remembrances of Basic Training to the men of the Association fortunate enough to be witness to the moving event. For most of was the highlight of this reunion.

See Who All Attended

Catch All the Action Here

Reunion 2003 was held from Thursday April 24 to Sunday April 27, 2003 at the Courtyard Marriott in Columbus, Georgia and at Fort Benning. Over a hundred guests attended the reunion at the Home of the Infantry which was hosted by the 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry, a top-line training battalion in the Infantry Training Brigade at Fort Benning.

Formal activities include a Fort Benning Command Briefing, tour of the Infantry Museum and Gift Shop, trips to Callaway Gardens and the Andersonville Civil War Prison and P.O.W. Museum, as well as luncheons, BBQs, dinners and the General Meeting.

Our Friendly Hosts
Many activities were shared with the Benning battalion, who invited us to observe training, attend a graduation and even fire M16s to set a high standard for the new trainees. We also were VIP guests at range firing of the lethal M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles which replaced our M113A1s and awed us with the accuracy of the M242 25mm Bushmaster chain gun fired on the move cross-country at 30 mph.

For details, photographs and feedback on the 2003 reunion, as well as Minutes of the General Meeting, click on the reunion logo or Bob Gold's picture, or PRESS HERE.

More photographs will be added during the coming months as people send them in to the Website Committee for posting.

See Attendees


The Not-a-reunion Get Together 2002

See Photo Album

The Guest of Honor.

Duty, honor, achievement brought fame to one poor pig
Lost in Uniontown, Ohio, the day the battalion had a gig,
Who knew then that he was picked from all the pigs in town,
This friendly little porker, the one chosen to wolf down?

Bob and Harry stoked the fire, the charcoal piled high
And when the fire was ready, the time came for him to die.
Rumbling stomachs beat a cadence, the chatter turned upbeat,
Over forty awe struck faces watched waiting soon to eat.

Duty, honor, achievement - the pomp a well-bred piglet prizes,
The long waving line forming up, with plates and forks and knives,
For pig his time of glory came, though he was not around to see,
We miss him and we wish him well, for he well-served you and me!

Who said 2002 would be dull without a reunion? On July 5th and 6th, 2002, a gala two-day bash for 1/50 Vietnam Veterans and their significant others was held at Bob Gold's property in Uniontown, Ohio. While not an official reunion, the Association came to the party!!! Although it's always difficult to single out highlights, they'd have to include Friday evening's cookout, Saturday's pig roast, sharing with old friends and making new ones. Bob put on his chef's hat and demonstrated his culinary talents, while others demonstrated their varying tolerances for the amber fluid and war stories. A good time was had by all: however, some pigs, not totally rapt with the proceedings, put up a delicious struggle!

The winning number in the Association's Ohio Lottery Drawing was 120, drawn at the get-together at 1930 hours on 5 July 2002. Gladys Walulek of New Jersey, won a check for $1,500. Holders of numbers on either side each won $150; they were John Thelen from Michigan (119) and Cheney Bertholf from Florida (121). Congratulations to all winners, and thanks to all participants.

Many thanks to Bob Gold, Jim Edwards and Randy Smith for putting this non-reunion together. Photographs, names of attendees, "war stories" and gossip will be published as they come to light.

See Attendees


Reunion 2001, Las Vegas

See Photo Album

Fifty-seven people attended the successful 2001 Reunion held at Harrah's in Las Vegas from Sunday 11 March to Friday 16. The official program opened with a formal supper on Sunday night, complete with a color guard to post the flag; a highlight of the event was the tribute to Association Founder, Ken Riley. The Association elected a new slate of officers for two year terms, headed by John Topper as President. Randolph Smith was elected Vice President, Gary Quint as Secretary, Ken Riley as Treasurer, Toby Jordan as Chaplain and Jim Sheppard as Historian.

Monday night's dinner at the VFW was more informal, and gave us a terrific opportunity to circulate, renew old ties and make new ones.

On Tuesday, Ken Riley arranged a visit to Nellis Air Force Base and to the home of the Thunderbirds.

See Attendees


Reunion 1999, Kansas City

See Photo Album
The second reunion was held in Kansas City. At the reunion, the Association elected a slate of officers headed by Dick Guthrie as President. The photo at the right shows the officers, starting at the top left with Toby Jordan and working around clockwise to Jim Sheppard, Ken Riley, Dick Guthrie and Norm Poage.

Dick was the keynote speaker at the formal dinner speaking on his return to Binh Dinh Province, and his powerful PowerPoint presentation from the 1999 Reunion is available in a Real Audio format, courtesy of David Baker.

The PowerPoint presentation is now available for downloading. Please note that it is a large file (over 6 MB).

See Attendees


Reunion 1997, Washington, D.C.

See Photo Album

The first reunion was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Washington, D.C.   At the formal meeting, the Association organized and the first officers for the Association were voted in. A highlight was a trip to the Vietnam Memorial, known as "The Wall" and the Korean War Memorial. This was the first trip for most of the attendees, and just about everything in the area was visited, including an evening in Old Town. A visit to America's most hallowed ground, the National Military Cemetery at Arlington ("Where Valor Proudly Sleeps"), completed our first reunion.

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