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Notes: This listing depends upon input from individual members. It is not maintained on a regular basis from the official Association register. Periodically we will send a note to all listed here to insure the listings contain working e-mail addresses. IF YOU NOTICE YOUR INFORMATION HAS BEEN REMOVED, use the appropriate method of contact (Below) to add your current information. This listing was made up from the Association email register, the old website and direct submissions to the Webmaster. We respect your privacy and undertake that your contact details shall not be posted without your consent. Your Website management team solicits your help with this page.

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NAME (life member = Life Member) E-MAIL ADDRESS AFFILIATION
Albertson, John life member (Deceased 9-19-2009) 7/68-7/69, HHC Scouts
Allbritton, Gus 9/69-9/70, Co. C.
Allmendinger, Herman life member Bn SGM 1969-1970
Alvey, Morris ("Ed") E. 4/68-2/69, Co. C., Mortars
Apana, Dennis life member 9/67-1968, A Co Medic, (Boat person)
Arispe, Edward life member (Deceased 7-12-2014);
Arzate, Arthur
Ashlock, Larry
Avary, Cal
Banales, John, Jr. 68 - 69, B Company
Barnes, Patrick "C" Company, April 68 to May 69
Barnes, Wendell "A" Company, 1967-68
Barnett, Lloyd "A" Co., 3rd and 4th Plts, Sept. '69 to Sept. '70
Barnhart, Sam 3/67-8/68, B (RVN Advance Party)
Begley, Kevin life member Medic, B Company, Dec.1967 to Dec.1968
Bell, George Elife member (Deceased, fall of 2010) "Four-Duece" Hvy Weapons PLT, 1967.
Bell, George Rlife member Alpha Company 06/68 to 03/69
Bennett, Sam 2/70-12/70, 1/C
Bergin, Tom
Bihari, Bob A Co,1st & 2nd Plt, Feb to May, 1968 (Wounded at An Bao and sent home)
Billups, Walter life member B Co, APC #212, Sep, 1967, to Sep 1968
Blankenship, Thomas life member LTCBLANKEN@AOL.COM
Blochberger, John (Deceased, March of 2021)
Bloomquist, Harry life member Delta Co 4.2 Mortars and FDC 9/67 - 5/68 - infused to 1/9 Cav DMZ
Blumenstock, Dwaine life member Alpha Co., 4th Plt. Leader, May to December, 1970
Bontemps, Bill 2/68-2/69, C Co., Minehune (106mm on APC)
Bradley, Ken;
Breheim, Ron Delta Motor Pool, May, 1969 to November, 1970
Brodigan, John "Jack" life member(Deceased April 29, 2022) Bravo (Track 213) 9/21/67 to 12/10/67
Brophy, Marvin life member (Deceased July 27, 2020) HHC-Scouts, 68-69
Bryant, Daniel Scouts, 1969-70
Buckholdt, Paul life member  1 Dec 67 until wounded 2 Feb 68, "B" Co. (I was 1 of the first 5 replacements)
Burch, Roger life member
Burk, Tom
Burns, Colonel Francis life member Battalion Commander: 2004-2006
Bustin, Jim
Brunsvold, Pete
Byrd, Jim "B" Company, 1968-9
Cain, Talmadgelife member 1LT, 8/68-8/69 Scouts
Calamia, Frank "F" Co. (Security), 50th Inf., Camp Horn, DaNang, 1971-2
Calhoun, Charles (Charlie) Last E-mail address no longer working 11/67-10/68, HHC (VTR Track Cmdr)
Camors, Robert (Bob) E., Jr. E-mail address removed at member's request: Contact Association Historian. HHC: Aug.'69, A Co CO: Sept.'69, B Co CO: Oct, '69 to July, '70)
Camp, Steve (Doc)
Canaday, Craig Charlie Company, 2nd Platoon, 4/69-4/70
Canavan, Mikelife member 9/67 - 9/68, Charlie Company - HQ Platoon
Cantwell, Tommy Delta Company, '67 - '68
Carlson, John life member 1967 - Boat person
Chapman, Matthew Jr. life member
Chance, Jim Charlie Company
Chavez, Daniel 1975-1978, Sergeant, Fort Hood, TX
Cheney, William B. III (Bill)life member 8/68-1/69. 2/C (Sqd Ldr); 1/69-6/69, B Co. (Mortars), including stints as Asst. Field First, C Co. and Bn PIO.
Chisam, Phillip (Mike) life member or
6/69-7/70, B Co 1st Platoon Leader, B Executive Officer and Battalion S3 Air final month
Clark, Terry
Clark, Tom life member 67-68 A Co. 3rd Plt
Clarke, William H. (Boots) HHC & Delta Co. 09/67 to 08/68
Clements, Ronald life member
Collins, Jackie W. Bravo Company, 1969-70
Colquette, Jerrell (Jerry) O Charlie Company, 3rd Platoon, 3rd Squad Leader, Sept. '67 to Aug. '68
Conti, Joe Cook, 1970
Cooper, Jerry life member "Alpha" Company, 3/70 to 5/70
Copeland, Jimmy life member
Copley, Jay life member (Deceased March 29, 2022) Charlie Company Commander, wounded May 5th, 1968
Cornwell, Billy C.(Deceased January 26, 2012) evious e-mail no longer valid 1/69-1/70 A Co. (Platoon Leader)
Couch, Jerry 12/67 to 12/68 D Co./ Recon
Cox, Darryl 3/69 to 2/70 HHC-Commo
Crapo, Robert Charlie Company, 1st Platoon Leader, August-September 1968
Croker, James R life member
Cruz, Jaime life member 1968-1969 - Medic - "B" and "C" Company
Cunningham, Jim
Curtis, Lawrence M. (Larry) life member 9/67-12/67 D Co. Mortar Pt
Cuthbertson, Mike HQ Co. Sept, 1967 to June, 1968. VTR "Problem Child" Driver.
Dacus, James 1/70-12/70, C Co.
Daniel, Robert L. Jr 5/69 - 5/70, Alpha Co. Armorer
Daniels, James
Davidson, Lt Michael
Davison, Ron life member A Co. 1968-69
Deal, Michael (Mike) 1st Platoon, "E" Troop, 17th Cav
Decker, Larry 1969, SRAP, Wounded March 21, 1969
Delemeester, Jim life member HHC, 1967-8, CO (Summer of '67) & Battalion S4: 9/67-8/68
Delobe, Charles D. Co, (Ammo Section), Oct '69 to Nov '70                                     (Transferred to IFFV HQ in Jan.'70)
Dennis, Ted life member Plt. Leader C Co., Motor Officer, D Co. 8/68 - 8/69
Dennis, Steve life member (Deceased, May 13, 2018) C Co.Mortars D Co., APC 341, 12/67 to 12/68
Diaz, Oscar 1st Platoon, B Co. 12/69 - 3/70
Dresher, Eliott
Denney, Robert
Dougherty, Chuck A Co. 2/68 - 4/68 (Trf from B/1/7 Cav)
Douglas, Dennis C Co., 1st Platoon, 8/68 - 12/68
Dorsey, Dan
Dortch, John D.(Jack) 7/69-1/69, CO, B Co,
Draft, Sam 1969-1970, C Co,
Driscoll, Dennis life member Sept to December, 1967 - Recon (Boat person)
Driscoll, Robert C Co, 3rd Platoon Leader (Boat person) 1967
Dubiel, Tom 9/67 - 9 March 1968, C Co.
Dulany, Joe life member Battalion Chaplain: Sept. '67 to April '68
Dulsky, Glenn Deceased July 31, 2007 Boat Person, C Co. (APC Driver - #313)
Dunn, Henry life member HHC, 4.2 Mortars: Sept. '67 to Jan., 1968 (Infused to 1/7th Cav & WIA)
Edge, James Scout Platoon Leader: September '68 to February '69
Battalion S-5: February '69 to May '69
Edwards, Jim life member 9/67-_/68 D (Track 425, mortars)
Epperson, Gary life member (Home) (Work)
9/67-7/68, A Co Track 113, (Boat person)
Erxleben, Gary D Co. 1/68 - 5/68
Escott, Stephen life member C Co. Third Platoon, 1967
Evangelista, Ignacio D Co. Recon/Scouts
Ewing, Joseph Commo guy extraordinaire!1967-68
Felder, Jeff 12/67-12/68 Co. C
Fellows, John life member Boat person, 9/67-8/68 Co. C
Fiedler, George Previous e-mail no longer valid (Update please?) Charlie Company, 2nd Plt., Oct. '68 to Oct '69
Fischer, Edward Jr. (Ed) life member
4/67-5/68, HHC, S-3 Radio Operator (Lancer Halls 65 & Tanker Tracks 65) (Boat Person)
Fitzgerald, "Doc"...(James E.)life member   (Deceased, 2015) Medic, A Company, 1st Platoon (Wounded May 5, 1968 at An Bao) and also D Company. 2/68 to 2/69
Friedman, Mariam
Frisbie, Louis life member  (Deceased, 2021)
Phone: (405) 567-1276
D Co. 9/67 - 8/68 ( Track 406, RTO )
Garcia, Jose R. HHC, Supply: 9/69 to 10/70
Garza, Luciano life member C Co. 11/68 - 11/69
Gauthier, Terry "Goat" Scouts, Nov '68 to Nov '69
Geer, George "Eddie" HHC (Minehune Driver) Dec. '67 to Dec. '68.
Gelarden, Joseph life member  (Deceased, 2018)
Gilbreath, Walter (Happy) life member 9/69-9/70, HHC Scouts,
Gold, Bob life member (Deceased 2/2020) Phone: (330) 837 4490 9/67-3/68 D (Track 425, mortars) WIA
Goldstein, Howard (Deceased 12/2009) "B" Co. Platoon Leader and Support Platoon Leader. Aug. 68 to Aug. 69
Golz, John (Deceased April 22, 2010) "A" Company, January 1969 to January 1970
Goodwin, Terry B Company, 1st Platoon, 4th Squad (M-60) and 1st Squad Leader. 1968-69
Graves, Jack
Gregg, Maurice 6/68- , PL of 2/B; later Team Leader of MATS Team 73 in the Delta.
Groebler, Wm. (Randy)life member  (Deceased May, 2016) HHC & D Co, WIA 11/6/67
Grubb, Gladys life member Widow of Steve Grubb, KIA 28/5/69
Guthrie, Dick life member (Current 50th Infantry Regiment Honorary Colonel) Past President, S3 Air, CO B. Co., (Boat person)
Gutierrez, George Charlie Company, 3rd Platoon, Oct.1969 to Sept.1970
Haag, David life member 7/69-12/69 B Co (WIA)
Hajec, Walter 2nd Security/"E" Co., 50th Inf., Da Nang, Oct.1970 to Sept.1971
Hall, Jim
Hambley, Rick Forward Observer attached to SRAP from 2/17th ARTY, 1969.
Hamon, Toby life member (Deceased, 4/2006) 9/67-9/68, Third Platoon, C Co.
Hampton, Billy F. 9/67-9/68, Bravo Company
Hannan, Mark (Deceased April 26, 2010) Previous e-mail no longer valid 1/69-9/69, A, D (medic)
Hanzlik, John 63C20 2/1 Cav (Song Mao) & 1/50th (Phan Thiet)
Harper, Curtis life member
Hartz, Michael life member 1967-1968, HHC, Radar Section
Hatch, Miles Previous e-mail no longer valid (Update please?) Charlie Company, 1st Platoon, 1967
Hawkins, Harley M (Mick)life member D Co.
Hay, Marion life member A Co, 4th Platoon, 12/67 to 12/68
Hayes, Bill life member 9/67-9/68, B Co (Boat person)
Haynes, George;
Hernandez, Charles "A" Company, 2nd Platoon - September, 1975 to November, 1977
Herr, Carolyn Widow of Sherron "Red" Harbison, KIA May 5, 1968
Hess, Dave 9/69-10/70, Flame/Scouts
Hillard, Michael
Hoag, Donald P. life member Co A, 1st Squad, 1st Platoon, 9/67-1/68...transferred to and WIA with 5/7th Cav
Hobbs, Jim (Deceased, Fall of 2006) 69-70, S4 Supply Sgt
Holbrook, Wayne
Holmstrom, John M
Hollnagel, Carl life member Co C, 2nd Plt, 4th Squad: 7/69-7/70
Hope, Russell {Russ) life member Co C, 12/67-4/68
Hopp, John life member (Deceased, 10/2008) HQ Co, Sept, 1969 to January, 1971
Horvath, Mike;
Huffman, Frank "B" Company, 68-69
Hughes, Johnnie life member "HQ" Company, 1969-70
Hughes, Pat "A" & "D" Company, 9/68 to 9/69
Hurley, Tim life member
Ingalls, Preston 7/69-7/70, Charlie Company
Irvin, Roger life member 2/68-4/69, B Co. & HHC, RTO
Irwin, Raymond C. 9/67-11/67(WIA 11/26/67), Alpha Company, "Boat Person"
Iwema, Petelife member 67-68, HQ Company,
Jackson, Edlife member 5/68 to 6/69, HQ Company, 4.2 Mortars
Jameson, Charlie D Co.
Jefferson, Billlife member A Company, 68-69
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Johnlife member Battalion Executive Officer 9/70 to 12/70
Jones, Thomas A. C & D Company
Jones, Wilburn "Willie" D Company
Jordan, Toby life member Association Chaplain, "A" Company
Juliano, Anthony Bn XO, Bn S3
Kelliher, Jim 9/67-9/68, 4th Plat, C Co
Kendall, Dan 9/68-9/69, A Co, 1st Platoon
Kendrick, Dennis 9/67-9/68, A Co
Kerr, Richard (Deceased, July 9, 2013) 1965-9/68, C Co,HQ S-2
King, Jack 8/68-8/69, HHC 4.2 Mortar Plat, (231) 832-5152
Klatt, Mike 10/68 -10/69, B Co
Knechtel, Davelife member Bravo Company 11/67 to 11/68
Kochniarczyk, Don
Knepp, Tom "B" Company, September, 1967 until wounded May 18, 1968. APC#234
Knightly, Robert D. life member Basic Training with "C" Co., 66-67. then "B" Co. Mortars 67-68. (WIA 10/67, returned 11/67)
Lagimoniere, Bryan (Frenchy) B Co.
Lambert, James 9/67-9/68, B Co.- 1st Platoon
Lamping, Wayne 7/68-7/69, B Co. (SGT E-5)
Lankford, Michael 6/69-6/70, HHC/Delta (Maint)
Larocque, Dennis "B" Company, 4th Platoon (Mortars) 1968-9
LaRue, Keith life member 9/67 - 1/68 A Co, WIA & sent home
Lawson, Harold E Charlie Company, 2nd Plt, 2nd Squad, and Company RTO, 11-69 to 10-70
Leboeuf, Leo Delta Company, 3rd Platoon Sgt., Oct 1967 to 6 Jan 1968
Leland, Rick        (Deceased, June 19, 2012) Bravo Company, 1970
Leonard, Stephen Charlie Co, 3rd Platoon Leader, 8/69 to 8/70
Leraas, Ron life member Charlie Company, 1970. Past Association Vice President
Lewis, Larry 1969, "B" Company
Lewis, Ralph
Lewis, Thomas life member Delta Company, 9/67 to 8/68.
Little, Maze 1969-1970, "B" Company
Lohman, Fred M. Crossed Rifles.jpg 9/67-12/15/67 Co. A (Boat person)
Lovell, Donald
Lowe, Bill Brother of Donald, who was KIA May 5, 1968
Ludwig, Alfred R. HQ, S-4, May, 1968 to May, 1969
Luna, Samuel "A" Co, 1st Plt, 1st Sqd. June, 1968, to March, 1969.
Lynch, Francis B.Crossed Rifles.jpg "B" Company, 1967- ?
Lynch, David
McAleer, Charles (Chuck) life member
McClure, Donald S. "B" Company, 1967-1968
McCracken, David J. "A" Company Medic and TOC, 1969-1970
McDonald, James E.. "D" Company, 1958, Fort Hood, Command Sergeant Major (Retired)
McGovern, Thomas D. A Co., 2nd. Platoon Leader (Sept 67 - Mar, 68) & Asst. S-1, Mar - Sep, 68)
McJimsey, Richard
McKee, Mehau
Maida Jr, Fred Charlie Company Mechanic, 1967-68
Maklary, William 'Willie"life member "A" Company, 2nd Platoon, May '68 to May '69 (Mortar Plt. last 2 months)
Maloney, Richard
Mansfield, George W. HHC Flame/Scouts, Sept 1969, to Oct, 1970. SGT E-5
Mantua, Frank
Marshall, Robert HQ-Commo, Sept '67 to Sept '68
Martin, James W Jr. (Jim) 67-68, 4/C (81mm Mortars), SFC (ret.)
Martin, John D, Jr.
Melendez, Robert "D" Company Medic, 1967-68. Current Association Vice President.
Meridith, Drew;
Messinger, Carl 1LT, B Co., Platoon Leader & S-1 Adj, 1968-1969
Michael, Jesse D. life member E Co., Fort Benning, July to October, 2013
Milito, Ernie life member D Co., Second Platoon, 1967
Miller, Gerald life member gjmiller2001
Miller, Neil life member C. Co.
Milroy, Toby life member; "B" Co Medic, 1967-1968
Mims, Billy life member 7/69-7/70, C Co.
Minner, Steve E-mail address on file per Steve (contact Jim Sheppard) Scouts, late 1969
Missoff, Dan 9/67-9/68, C Co.
Mlinac, Joseph (Joe) life member 8/68-8/69, 2/2/B Co. and SRAP
Montgomery, Cecil
Moore, William F. (Bill) 9/67-1/68, B (transfer to 1/7 Cav)
Morrison, Matt life member Charlie Company, 3rd Platoom, 2nd Squad, 1967-68
Murphy, Mort 67-68, CO A Co. (2/68-4/68)
Nabors, Jack 9/68--7/69, A Co., 4th Platoon/Weapons Platoon
Neely, Dan life member

66 - 68, Recon (became 1/D in Nam)
Nelson, Charles (Chuck) 6/69-6/70, HHC, Supply Sgt. and Co. Armorer
Nelson, Keith

1967-68, B Company

Nevis, Tom

Sept, 1967 to Sept, 1968

Newland, Bob Jr. A Co., 1st Platoon. 9/68 - 9/69
Nicholls, Glen L. "Nick"life member 5/68-5/69, SRAP
Nichols, Johnlife member HQ Co. - 4/67 to 6/68
Nichols, Nelford Shannon II 7/71-11/71, Co. E ( Security), 50th Infantry, Da Nang
Nimmons, Lewis "Three Thumbs" "B" Company & Motors FO. 9-67 to 9-68
Noble, Jack life member 7/68-7/69, A Company & SRAP
O'Connor, Robert life member 9/68-9/69. A Co. 4th Platoon
Odendahl, Boblife member Charlie Company, Second Platoon, 2nd & 4th Squads, 9/69 to 9/70
Oehler, Albert Headquarters Company (And possibly D Company),
Wounded and went home, Dec 1967. 9/67 to 12/67
Oliphant, Steve life member (Deceased November 2016)
(Doc Elephant) 11/69-11/70 A Co & D Co (Medic)
Olive, Frank 9/68-6/69, Co A mortar platoon
Oliver, M.M. "Chuck" Sr. Battalion Executive Officer: January to June, 1968
Orabanec, Myron M, Sr. 11/67-5/68, 4.2 Mortars & B Co, Wounded May 11, 1968
Ordaz, R.F. (Rigo) (Deceased June 14, 2016) 11/67-10/68, D Co, Scouts (WIA)
Page, William R. (Bob) life member 4/70-9/70, A (WIA, medivaced home)
Paine, George C, II life member 1969-70, Plt Ldr, 3rd Plt, C Co.
Parker, David life member 2/70-12/70, B (1st Platoon)
Parkerson, Bill life member August, 1968 to March, 1969, HHC Scouts (WIA)
Parks, Gary life member (Deceased)
Parks, Wilson

Bn Chaplain, Sept, 1969 to Sept, 1970

Payne, David D. life member "A" Company, 3rd Platoon, 3rd Squad, Sept. '68 to Oct. '69
Perkins, Gary
Pierce, Parker. life member Delta Mortars 1967-8,  Past Association Chaplain,
Pike, Thurman. life member (Deceased April 10, 2015) Bravo Company, 2nd and Weapons Platoon Leader, Sept. '67 to May '68 - "Boat" person.
Poage, Norm life member   (Deceased, December 2010) Charlie Company, 1967-68 Battlefield Commission from SGT to LT, Original Webmaster.
Pollock, Carl 67-68, B Co.
Pope, David 69-70, HHC-Scouts
Prado, Frank Jr. 1966 - 1968, Bn. Med Platoon
Price, David
Quello, Duanelife member Bravo Company, April to October, 1970
Quick, Bobbylife member Charlie Company, 2nd Platoon, January to November, 1970
Quick, Colden Alpha Company, 1969-1970
Quimby, Wallace (Gene) CWO
Quint, Gary life member Association Secretary, HHC and A Co.
Rainwater, Don life member 69-70, B Co mechanic and sandbag artiste
Rajner, Rick SRAP & "A" Company, Feb to August, 1969
Randall, Herb C Company Commander, 1967-8
Reed, Craig  (Deceased March 28, 2022) C Company Medic, September, 1967 to February 19, 1968
Reynolds, Tom
Rhatigan, John life member 66-67, A Co. 2nd Plt.
Rhodes, David
Richardson, Peter life member "Bravo" Company (Boat person) 9/67 to 8/68
Ricker, John life member "Charlie" Company, 1st Platoon (Boat person) 9/67 to 8/68
Riley, Ken life member Association Founder & Chairman Emeritus, Co. C (Boat person)
Rinaldi, Joseph (Joe) life member 9/67-9/68, 4/C (Boat person)
Ritter, Floyd;
Roach, Richard "Roschy"
Robson, Frank R, Jr March to August, 1970, 4th Platoon, C Co.
Rockvam, Jon
Rodriguez, Ventura life member Medic: "D" Company & SRAP, 1968-69
Rogers, Randall
Romano, Frank life member HHC RTO (TOC), 5/69 - 4/70. Phu My & Thien Giao
Rorie, Grady 6/68-5/69, B Co.
Rose, Jim 9/67-6/68, HQ Co, Generator Maintenance.
Roskilly, Bill 10/67-10/68, 3d Squad, 3d Platoon, C Co.
Roth, Russ (Doc) life member 1/68-5/68 D Company and, 5/68-9/68  A Company (Medic)
Rozek, Thomas
Russo, Vinny (Deceased, 2019) Charlie Company, LZ Betty, 1969-1970
Sackett, Jim Recon Platoon, 1968
Saenz, Lupe life member "B" Co, 10/68-10/69
Sams, Larry Charlie Company, LZ Betty, 1969-1970
Sarlin, Ray life member Website Designer, 5/69-5/70, CO D Co., S4, CO C Co.
Sarsfield, Thomas "D" Company, 1967-8
Saulsbury, George (Sauls) 11/69-10/70 C Co.
Schaller, Bob life member   (Deceased July 12, 2023)
Schlecht, Dan life member 8/68-6/69 D (medic) A & C
Schroeder, Tom 8/67-9/68 XO: "C" Company, CO: HHC, CO Delta Company, Bn S5
Scott, Dennis Nov 69 to Oct 70, 1st Platoon of Alpha Company
Scott, Edmund life member Currently 1SG, USAR; formerly A Co, Ft Hood, TX
Scott, James
Scully, James
Segars, Jim life member Current Association President
Seid, Steve life member 12/67-12/68. B Co., 2nd Platoon
Seliski, Jerry (Deceased October 2019) 08/68-08/69. C Co.
Seminary, Gerald
Shade, Gary L. 1967
Shea, Dan
Sheppard, Jim life member Association Historian & Website caretaker, 11/65-6/68 C Co
Shipp, Larry life member Alpha Co, 11/68-8/69
Sindel, Seth (Deceased December 2018) Charlie Company, 1st Platoon Leader, 1967
Slattery, Jim life member 3/70-8/70, Scout Platoon
Smerdon, John (Deceased July 2019) A Co., SRAP
Smith, Al life member (Deceased October 2017) Charlie Company, 4th Platoon, 1967-68
Smith, Clewell SGT: Alpha Company, 8/68 to 9/69
Smith, David "B" Company, 1967-68
Smith, John D. Jr. (Buck) life member 11/68-11/69 Flame Plt and Scout Plt
Smith, Larry November, 1969 to October, 1970
Smith, Randy life member        (Deceased, August 21, 2017) Immediate Past Association President
Smith, Thomas J. Former 1st Cav, 2nd BDE Asst S-3
Sourwine, Darrell life member A and B Co.
Sparling, Peter 1/70-12/70, 1st Platoon, C Co.
Spivey, Clyde Charlie Company, 1/1968-1/1969
Sprague, Donald 1967-1968, MSG, Retired
Spooner, Dean 1968-69, Minehune Squad Leader
Spotts, Chucksey C. "A" Co, APC 131, 9/67 - 1/68
Stamper, Darwin Scott "Scotty" "B" Company Platoon Sergeant, 1970
Stevens, Lee "C" Company, 1st Plt, 3rd Sqd - 1969-70
Studinarz, Edward J 6/70-12/70, RTO, C Co.
Sublett, Lewis (Denny)
Suire, Ray
Sullivan, Dennis Bravo Company, 1st Platoon, 2nd Squad, 2/68 to 4/69
Szczepaniec, Richard S-4, Battalion Communications, 11/68-5/69
Tande, Richard (Rick) life member 10/67-10/68, 3d Platoon, C Co.
Taylor, Jon 1LT, C Battery, 7/13th Artillery, Forward Observer - "D" Co, 3/68-6/68
Taylor, Robert  
Thelen, Jon life member
Thurman, Don Basic Trainee with "B" Co (1st ARB, 50th Inf.), Oct, 1960, Fort Hood, Texas
Tierney, Tom (Doc)life member Medic, B & C Co., Jan, 1968 to Feb 1969.
Tilley, Jim (3rd)life member Son of Jim Tilley, 3d Platoon, C Co., KIA Jan 18, 1968
Topper, John life member Past Association President, CO A Co., S2, S3
Torres, Joe S life member      (Deceased, February, 2021) Charlie Co., August, 1968 to August 1969
Tovar, Pedro"Pete" life member 2/D; Bn Aid Sta (Medic, Boat person)
Trotter, Charles E. Med Plt Sgt "D" Co, Dec '68 to Dec '69
Trout, Thomas
Turner, Jim "A" Co 2nd May to July, 1968 - Company Armorer, July, 1968 to May, 1969
Ullman, Chris "C" Company and SRAP, Sept 1968 to August 1969
Valasek, Mel life member    (Deceased, 2016)
Vanderloop, Richardlife member "C" Co., 3rd Plt., 9/67 - 9/68
Vanderpool, SP4 Richard "A" Company, 1st Platoon, Fort ,Hood Texas
Vaughn, Belford (Glen) "F" Co. Security, Danang, January to June, 1972.
Vespia, Steven J. "C" Co. 1968-9.
Voncina, Timothy Charlie Company, 1967
Wadleigh, Mel life member B Co, HQ Section Mechanic with VTR, June '69 to November '70
Walker, Lloyd Charlie Company Mortars, 1967-68
Walulek, Stan life member D Company
Warner, Gregg
Warren, Roger 67-68, HHC
West, Clarence 4/68-4/69, D Co.
Western, Travis 1969 - 1970
Williams, Jimmie SGT, "D" Co. Fort Hood, 1961-1964
Williams, Johnnie (Mole) 10/69-10/70, B Co. Track Driver
Williams, William Reynolds "Tennessee"life member Sept. '68 - "69, B Co. , Mortar Platoon, DEROSed as E-6
Willson, Pat (Willie) July 1969 to March 20, 1970, HHC - Scout Platoon
Wilson, Harry life member C Co, Third Platoon Leader, 1968
Wolff, Gary member (Deceased, March, 2021) 09/69-09/70, Scouts
Woodall, James R. (Jim) life member 7/68-6/69, Bn XO, Bn CO (12/68-6/69)
Woodcock, Robert "C" Company, April to September, 1968
Wonsick, James life member Deceased
Wuestenberg, Robert "A" Company, 1/68 to 3/68
Ybanez, Freddie 1SG, Abn Inf Retired - Co. E, 50th Inf, 2nd Rifle Security Police Co.
Zamzow, Tom life member
Zanetti, SGT Al From 1st Cav in 1970 to - Co.C, 2nd Bn,50th Inf, Fort Hood, Texas (11C)

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