1st Battalion, 50th Infantry Association

Reunion 2003, Columbus, Georgia

24-27 April 2003

Registered Attendees
Provided by Gary Quint

Noel and Winnie Allen
Gus Allbritton
Herman and Inge Allmendinger

Kevin and Antoinette Begley
George and Sandy Borges
Ken Bradley
Lorene and Roger Burch
Angie, Arianna and Shawn Burch
Paul Buckholdt
Michael Canavan
Thomas and Diana Clark
Monica Copeland
James Croker
Lawrence and Jeannie Curtis
Jack Dortch
Dennis and Ginny Driscoll
James and Dotty Edwards
Paul W. Ehrlich
Gordon Fennell
Edward Fischer
James Fitzgerald
Aaron Gage
Vilnis Gailitis
Leon Gallant
Bob and Sheri Gold
Gladys Grubb
Richard Guthrie
Toby Hamon
Curtis and Nancy Harper
Roger and Patti Irvin
John and Sandy Johnston
Dianne and Willburn Jones
Toby and Brenda Jordan
Richard and Marlyce Kerr
Don Kinard

  Tom Knepp
Robert and Pat Knightly
Bryan and Nancy Lagimoniere
Fred Lohman
Chuck McAleer
Robert Melendez
Toby Milroy
Dan and Dan (Jr.) Missoff
Joe Mlinac
John Nichols
Jack Noble
Bob Page
Parker Pierce
Thurman Pike
Otis Ponds
Gary and Kay Quint
Don and Gwen Rainwater
Hank Renfrow
Frank and Lucy Romano
Russ Roth
Ray and Marti Sarlin
Bob Schaller
James, Lorretta, Michael and Tanya Segars
Jerry and Matt Seliski
Bob Schaller
Jim Sheppard
John Smerdon
Randy and Mary Jane Smith
Jon Thelen
John Topper
Joe and Kathy Torres
Harry Wilson
James Wonsick
James and Gloria Woodall
John Wright