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Wanted Posters

This page has been made "obsolete" by our message board. If there is someone you wish to locate, post a message there and if you get no response, contact Association Historian Jim Sheppard.

LT Kim Mitchell!

Jack King wrote, "Looking for LT Kim Mitchell who served as 4.2 Mortar Platoon Leader from August 68 til August 69 . From SSG Jack R. King 4.2 Mortar Platoon Squad Leader and later Section Sergeant. Please email me."

James "Beefer" Bradford!

Mick Hawkin (mick.hawkins@mo.usda.gov) wrote, "Anyone know the address of James Bradford? I was in basic with him at Fort Hood in the 1st and 50th A company he was from Iowa I think and lost him after we went to Nam."

Any information on the Colonel John U.D. Page

The Colonel John U.D. Page was the ship that transported the battalion from LZ Uplift to Phan Thiet in September 1969.

Judy Manning (ptzrppl2@yahoo.com) wrote, "I am the daughter of retired CW3 Billy Ray Stegall, and my Father was the skipper of the Colonel John U D Page when it was used to transport the Vietnamese. If you have any information on this ship I would be very grateful if you could share it with me. I am comprising a special book for my Father's 80th birthday. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated."

Wanted: People who knew James Strano!

On January 23, 1968, Earl Dodd (captcabby@hotmail.com) was 14 years old when his brother James Stano was killed in Vietnam. Earl wrote, "I was wondering if you or someone you know had been friends with my brother Jimmy. or had known him in training or served with him over in Nam. I would really appreciate any help in contacting anyone who could tell me things about Jimmy that I never had the chance to learn first hand. I think about my brother quite often and can only wonder
what he would be like today. He is missed dearly by all in my family. Jimmy was killed on the same day as our brother Angelo was taken prisoner on the Pueblo in Korea."

Ruben Villareal, 68-69

Dennis Richard (Ds173rdrichard@aol.com) wrote, "I was in Charlie Company 68-69. I have been looking for Ruben Villareal, The last name may not be correct spelling, last I knew he lived in Texas. He was in Charlie Company also at the same time I was there."

Charles Calhoun has a couple of requests. I'll let him tell you! (Webmaster's note: (2010) The e-mail posted for these requests no longer works.

Subject 9. 1/50 VTR Driver David Ewing(?), October 1968!

"Ray, I was looking for a certain person that served in the 1/50 Mech. Inf. the same time I was there(first part of October 68) his name is David Ewing (Euwing) not sure of the last name spelling. He was a driver of my VTR and they replaced me with someone else when I was DOS and wouldn't let me go back out, He was wounded that night and I don't know for sure if he was KIA but his name isn't on the Wall. I have looked! His home was Minnesota. I heard the guy that replaced me dropped a 45 machinegun inside the VTR and it hit David and that's all I was told. They had gone out with one of the companies! This was in October of 68, I think it was on the LZ Uplift but I can't remember, that's where I believe I was."

Subject 8. 1/50 Flame Track, 5 May 1968!

"On May 5th 1968. What I was wanting to know about is: a guy was brought into the LZ Uplift on a APC flame track, which was A Company, the records show the flame track burnt up but I don't know what company it was from and that's what has me confused because it had burnt up before it had got to the LZ Uplift. The guy was wounded in the neck with a B40 Rocket I was trying to find out any info on him I could, and find out his name. He was a Track Commander I know that for sure. I don't know if all the flame tracks were in one company at that time or if they were divided out so many in each company. It is confusing to me!!! If you need more info on this to help you if you can ask me specific questions I will try to give it to you...lol...I just had to go to the VA this morning and just got on here to check my email...your computers working...it's just that I'm slow!!...lol I sent a copy of this to another person that responded to my email too, Rigo Ordaz! Hopefully between the two of you I can find out something...I have been trying for so many years! Thanks,

Subject(s) 7. Identification of A/1/50 Troops, early 1969!

Gladys Grubb (gladgrub@worldnet.att.net) wrote, "Ray, Wanted to see if anyone recognizes anyone--Steve is the guy on the left--want to know who the other 3 are. Thanks. Take care. Glad"

Webmaster's note: These photos are posted on the Photos_A page. Click them to get an enlargement (press BACKSPACE to return here). If you can identify any of these people, please send an email.

Subject(s) 5. Do You Know Where Any of These Men Are?

Rigo Ordaz (ORDAZRF@WEBTV.NET) wrote, "Ray, could you add these names to the WANTED page for me?"

Lt. Welch Samuel Coco Louis Selonia ____ Antilla

Subject(s) 4. 1/50(M) Officers' Call

Jim Woodall (Woodalljg@yahoo.com) wrote, "I am trying to locate the following, any help is appreciated. Email Woodalljg@yahoo.com or write Jim Woodall, 2902 Colton Place, College Station TX 77845"

CPT Robert M Ashley, Hq CPT Alfred W Baker, Hq LT Thomas D Burley, C, D LT Daniel L Burt, A (TX)
LTC John B Carter, Hq CPT Theodore H Dennis, C, D (CO) LT Michael Farrell, B CPT Robert P Hagen Jr, C (KS)
LT Thomas A Jones, C (OH) CPT James H Lee, Hq LT Leonard W Necaise, C CPT Anthony Neglia, Hq, A (NY)
LT Jesse J Orta, Hq, D (TX) LT Ronald E Pelfrey, B (TN) LT Walter J Piekarczyk, C SGM Jerry Pierce, Hq (TX)

Subject 3. Sergeant James Cannon, C Company

Peggy Cannon (FORU40@aol.com) wrote, "Dear Ray. I'm writing this to see if maybe you could help me. My husband was in Company C. 1st Bn (Mech.) 50th Inf. His name was Sgt. James Cannon. He passed away on Jan. 4, 1992 of a heart attack. Our daughters are now 21 and 17. We are trying to find out anything we can about him and his army life. The guys he served with, any pictures or stories, anything that would help so my daughters will have them. Thank-you. "

If you can help, please respond below: Thanks.
Webmaster's note: Jim Cannon was in my Infantry Company for about five weeks before his DEROS in February 1970. I was able to share some information on SGT Cannon's (and Charlie Company's) activities during that period with his wife and daughters. They would appreciate hearing from anyone else who knew him between February 1969 and February 1970) as well.

Subject 2. A "Boat Person" nicknamed "Froggie"?

"tfb" is looking for the name and address of a man nicknamed "Froggy" who went over to Vietnam on the USS Pope. "He was with headquarters, headquarters company. I was wounded and lost some memory due to injuries. I remember the man, but not his name. Can anyone help?"

ClASE CLOSED: Dan Neely got in touch with Tom saying, "Froggie is Richard Schlidman. I think that he hailed from IN or IA. I was able to see Froggie several times before they sent me home (deros). He was the Army NCOIC at China Beach, Da Nang. I do not remember how he got that cushy job, but it was his. I hope that I have helped you. I think that I have a few slides of Froggie, and of you, around the house somewhere."

Subject 1. Does Anyone Recognize This Man?

Dave Parker is looking for the name of the man in this picture, taken on the beach at Phan Thiet (below LZ Betty) in mid-1970.

CASE CLOSED: Dave received a pithy reply by email. Hopefully, another case solved.

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