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1 July 1968 - 1 November 1968
Jul 68
Congress passes a ten percent income tax surcharge to defray the ballooning costs of the war.
1 Jul 68
General Creighton W. Abrams replaces General Westmoreland as commander of MACV and USARV.
1 Jul 68
The Phoenix program is established to crush the secret Viet Cong infrastructure (VCI) in South Vietnam. The Phoenix program, controlled through CORDS, was part of the pacification campaign and ultimately results in the deaths of some 20,587 Viet Cong"mostly in combat situations."
3 Jul 68
Three American prisoners of war are released by Hanoi.
3 Jul 68 232 Red Boats Bagged As Navy Jets Set Mark  
3 Jul 68 Czechs on Way to Parley With Politburo in Railway Car  
3 Jul 68 Bitten Diver Outwits Shark  
19 Jul 68
President Johnson and South Vietnam's President Thieu meet in Hawaii.
21 Jul 68
The newly constituted 1/50th Scout Pltn. joins the rest of the companies in Operation Cochise Green in the Soui Ca Valley. Scout Pltn. captures one VC enemy.
31 Jul 68
Scout Plt. killed 2 NVA with web gear, rocket launcher and rockets.
31 Jul 68
Bravo Company 1/50 located a large natural cave complex BR 748646 and found $150,000 dollars in 50 dollar bills and thousands of dollars in Piasters. Also recovered were one ton of rice and 200 pounds of documents.
2 Aug 68
The Scout Platoon hit a booby trap hand grenade VIC BR799588. Four personnel and the platoon leader were wounded.
8 Aug 68
The Republican Party chooses Richard M. Nixon as the Republican presidential candidate. He promises "an honorable end to the war in Vietnam."
17 Aug 68
Operation Cochise Green ends in the Bong Son Plains, Vinh Than Mountains, Central Coastal Plains, Binh Dinh Province. 1/50th (M) Infantry moves to An Khe area under Operation Walker.
24 Aug 68
Bridge 26, manned by 1/50th personnel is overrun, resulting in 3 KIA, including the officer in charge. Six soldiers were wounded.
28 Aug 68
During the Democratic national convention in Chicago. 26,000 police and national guardsmen confront 10,000 anti-war protesters gather on downtown streets live on TV. 800 demonstrators and numerous policemen and guardsmen are injured.
12 Sep 68 No Man Can Predict Pullout - No Bomb Halt: L.B.J.  
12 Sep 68 N. Korea Asks More Than Apology  
Sep 68
Task Force Schnoor, Operation Walker, Phu My District, Binh Dinh Province.
14 Sep 68
At 0104 Hrs. LZ Schueller came under mortar attack from VIC BR362465. A total of 18 82mm mortar rounds impacted within the LZ wounding 5 US personnel.
15 Sep 68
Elements of Bravo Co. and Scout Platoon 1/50 Infantry conducting a Recon in Force operation foil a Viet Cong ambush near An Khe. Reaction force of Charlie Co. combat assaults to nearby area to link up with the other units.
16 Sep 68 By Land, Sea And Air - Allies Sweep DMZ  
16 Sep 68 Nixon Challenges Hubert on Who Is Blocking Fortas  
16 Sep 68 30th Win For Denny  
26 Sep 68
LZ Schueller gets mortar attack. Strong Point 2 gets hit with B 40 rockets, wounding one personnel causing him to lose leg. The APC on Strong Point 3 was hit by an 82 mm mortar round inside cargo hatch.. The track immediately exploded tearing off all of the hatches, gun mounts and totally destroying the APC. One man killed at Schueller and one man killed at SP 3. AO WALKER area enemy was the 95B NVA Regiment and supporting units.
30 Sep 68
The 900th U.S. aircraft is shot down over North Vietnam. October 1968 - Operation Sealord begins the largest combined naval operation of the entire war as over 1200 U.S. Navy and South Vietnamese Navy gunboats and warships target NVA supply lines extending from Cambodia into the Mekong Delta. NVA supply camps in the Delta and along other waterways are also successfully disrupted during the two-year operation.
2 Oct 68 Willing to Call Off Bombing, H.H.H.Says  
2 Oct 68 L.B.J. Acts to Block Tieup  
2 Oct 68 Reds Still Threaten Thuong Duc Camp  
21 Oct 68
The U.S. releases 14 North Vietnamese POWs.
27 Oct 68
50,000 protest the war in London.
30 Oct 68
Nearly 100 mines have been found in the last two months on the strong points west of LZ Schueller, placed during the night in an effort to destroy the APCs who man the strong points during the day.
30 Oct 68
Attack on Camp Radcliff, An Khe
31 Oct 68
Operation Rolling Thunder ends as President Johnson announces a complete halt of U.S. bombing of North Vietnam in the hope of restarting the peace talks.
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