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1st 50th Infantry Association

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1. Primary Staff Officers
2. Support Staff Officers
3. Senior NCOs
4. Combat Support Platoon Leaders

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Battalion Staff
1st Battalion (Mech) 50th Infantry


In the above photos (Left to right): Battalion Staff, Advance Party, Qui Nhon, 1967 - "Battalion Trophies" with MSG Larsen & CPT John Topper - Battalion Staff, LZ Betty, December - 1970

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Todays Soldiers

Primary Staff

Executive Officer

MAJ Tom Herren 9/67-1/68
MAJ Chuck Oliver in 1/68-6/68
MAJ Jim Woodall 7/68-12/68
MAJ Oren Culpepper 12/68–4/69
MAJ Anthony Juliano 4/69-8/69
MAJ Harvey Buckles 8/69-3/70
MAJ Charles Burleson 3/70-9/70
MAJ John Johnson 9/70-12/70






CPT Walter Gunn 1/68-8/68
1LT Harry B. Wilson 8/68-12/68
1LT Carl Messinger 12/68-4/69
CPT Alfred W. Baker 3/69-
1LT Michael Hilliard 3/69-8/69
1LT Meredith -12/70
CPT John Topper 12/67-6/68
1LT John Martin 6/68-12/68
CPT Anthony Neglia 9/68-11/68
1LT Daniel White 11/68-3/69
CPT Raymond Jansco 3/69-1/70
CPT Grisdale -12/70
MAJ Steve Bosway 9/67-10/67WIA
MAJ Ted Hardy 10/67-2/68 (trf from 1st Cav 2nd Bde S5).
MAJ Jim Hattersly 2/68-6/68
CPT John Topper 6/68-
MAJ Bobby G. Davis 9/68-
MAJ Anthony Juliano 9/68-4/69
MAJ Oren Culpepper 4/69-6/69
CPT Robert F. Hagen
MAJ Ross Pollard -12/70
CPT Jim Delemeester 9/67-8/68
CPT James Lockhart 8/68-1/69
CPT Jesse Orta to10/69
CPT Ray Sarlin 10/69-1/70
CPT Abbott 1/70
CPT Carter -12/70
CPT Thomas Schroeder 1/68-9/68
1LT Thomas Rozek 9/68-12/68
1LT Robert Giambra 12/68-4/69
CPT James Edge 2/69-5/69

Support Staff

Senior NCOs

Combat Support

S3 Air
CPT Bruce Braun Sep 67-Nov 67
CPT Dick Guthrie Jan 68
CPT Robert Ashley Jun 68
CPT Anthony Neglia Nov 68-Jan 69
CPT Craig Cording Mar 69-Jul 69
1LT Mike Chisam, Jun 70

Motor Officer
CPT Ron Dennis Sep 67 - Jan 68
CPT Mortimer Murphy Jun 68-Aug 68
CPT Vilnis Gailitis Aug 68-Dec 68
1LT Theodore Dennis Dec 68-May 69
1LT Ray Sarlin May 69-Jun 69

Bn Commo Officer
1LT Noel Allgood Jun 68-Aug 68
1LT David Bess Aug 68-Oct 68
CPT James Filson Oct 68-Sep 69

Battalion Surgeon
CPT Ray Cave, Sep 67 - Jul 68
CPT Ralph Macek, Jul 68 - Oct 68
CPT Larry Dossey, Nov 68 - Oct 69
CPT Heard, Oct 69-Sep 70
CPT Gall, Sep 70 - Dec 70

Medical Platoon Leader
CPT Chuck McAleer Sep 67- Aug 68
1LT Brown(?)
2LT Katzman -Dec 70

CPT Joe Dulany, Sept 67 -Apr 68
CPT Wilson G. Parks, Sep 69 - Sep 70
CPT Horton, Sep 69 - Dec 70

Supply Section Leader
CW2 Andrew J. Hammond Sep 67-Sep 68
CW2 Verl D. Lantz, Oct 68-Sep 69
CW2 Gene Quimby, Sep 69-
CW2 Mills -Dec 70

Automotive Maintenance Technician
CW2 James B. Woodruff Jan 67-Sep 68
CW2 James A. Turner Sep 68-Sep 69
CW2 Gus Ettledorf -Dec70
S1 Administration NCO

S2 Intelligence NCO
SFC Richard Kerr Sep 67-Aug 68
MSG Aaron Gage Aug 68-Aug 69

S3 Operations NCO
MSG Phillip Larson 9/67-9/68 (passed away Aug 2001)
MSG Herman Allmendinger 1/69-6/69

S4 Unit Supply Specialist
SFC Alfred Ludwig 5/68-5/69
SFC Jim Hobbs 9/69-9/70

A Company First Sergeant
1SG Malcolm Dulac 9/67-5/68 (KIA May 5)
SFC Harold Machado
1SG Smith (early 69)

B Company First Sergeant
1SG Donald Bridges 9/67-9/68
1SG Rogers (Possibly George E. Rodgers)(early 69)

C Company First Sergeant
1SG Sammie C. Blount 9/67-10/68
1SG Norman Nichols
1SG Francis Mondell 2/70-12/70

D Company First Sergeant
SFC Phillips
1SG Grady Lang 9/68-9/69

HQ & Headquarters Company First Sergeant
SFC Phillips
1SG Erwin (early 69)

Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor
1SG Kenneth Lee, 5/68-5/69
SFC Edwin Jackson 8/68-8/69

Medical NCO
PSG Charles Trotter 12/68-12/69

Food Service Specialist
SFC Joseph Lagree 7/68-7/69
SFC Herbert Jones 12/68-12/69

Scout Platoon Leader
1LT Dennis Driscoll Sep 67 - Nov 67
1LT Daniel White Jun 68-Sep 68
1LT James Edge Sep 68--Feb 69
1LT Talmadge Cain Jan 69-Aug 69
1LT James Lambert

SRAP Platoon Leader
SFC Eldridge H. Holloway
1LT Leon E. Walker
1LT Curtis E. Harper
1LT Albert L. Parsley, Jr. - Feb 69
1LT Floyd "Jay" Carter, III

Heavy Mortar Platoon Leader
1LT Charles Tilton Dec 67-Nov 68
1LT Kim Mitchell Sep 68-Aug 69

Mechanized Flame Platoon Leader
1LT Robert Ballard (KIA with Co B during Tet)
1LT Leslie Gisler Aug 68-Dec 68

MSG Larson, Ops NCO, FSB Catskill, July 68

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