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The 1st Battalion (Mechanized), 50th Infantry Association

The Association has been classified by the IRS as a non-profit National Association. As such, we operate in accordance with a formal Constitution approved by our membership, which is posted at Constitution of the First Battalion, 50th Infantry Association, Inc.

Current Notices

The official address of the 1/50th Infantry Association has changed to PO Box 4863, Oak Brook, IL 60522-4863. Contact Chuck McAleer for details. (7/03)

The Association is proud to announce a package of incentives for Life Members, including a color Life Membership certificate suitable for framing, a Life Membership card, and a miniature 50th Infantry crest. Contact Gary Quint for details.

Past Association President and Former "A" Company Commander John Topper is now handling our Newsletter. Your support with the Newsletter is appreciated; please send articles or other input to the Editor. (12/2005)

Permanent Notices

Association Newsletters

The Association has published newsletters since December 1996. We owe a debt of gratitude to Association Founder Ken Riley, who edited and published the newsletters up to April 2001, when Robert (Doc) Melendez assumed the helm. Bob Gold became the Newsletter Editor in February 2003...followed by John Topper in 2005.

As a service to the membership, the website will maintain an archive of Association newsletters. Just click on the title of this section to go to search the archive.

Member Services

Besides the reunions, newsletters, website, rosters and other traditional member services offered since inception, the Association is searching for additional services that our members will value. We welcome your suggestions for new services, and will do our best to accommodate them. Here are those free services we now offer our Members:

Rubbings from the
Vietnam Memorial Wall,
Washington, D.C.
This invaluable free service has been provided by Gladys Grubb as long as I can remember. Gladys is in charge of our Memorial Book and gets rubbings of all the 1/50th guys that were KIA. She says to contact her and, "I'll be happy to get a rubbing for any KIA that's on the Wall for anyone." I was in the field with A Company when Glady's husband, Steve, was killed in action in May 1969, and we can all be very proud of her!
Scanning of
Vietnam photos and
The Association subsidizes a free scanning service for members who wish to publish their documents (or just want them scanned into electronic files). This allows us to post them on the website or in newsletters, and helps us keep our history alive! Plus, you might become famous!
1. Contact either person and discuss your needs.
2. Arrange to send your documents.
3. They will scan them for free.
4. Originals and electronic files will be returned.
5. Electronic files will be sent to Webmaster.
Jim Sheppard (1/50 Historian)
231 33rd Street, South
1st Floor Rear Apt.
Brigantine, NJ 08203
(609) 264-7796 (Rarely home, but leave a message)
Technical Writing and
Editing Support
If you have a 1/50(M)-related story to tell but feel uncomfortable writing it out, contact Web Site Committee Member Jim Sheppard to discuss how we can help you!
War Research Relating
to Questions or Claims
Disclaimer: At this time, the Association has no capability to assist with VA claim submission and the like: however, we can help identify stressors by searching our historical files for you and providing you with such written documentation as we have. Just ask Jim Sheppard.
We'll do what we can to help, but no promise is made or implied.
Search for men who served with the 1/50(M)
Disclaimer: The Association maintains current addresses on many people who served with the battalion in Vietnam: however, Privacy laws preclude us disseminating such information without consent. We will, however, help get people together where we can. Just ask Randy Smith, Association President.
Also check our website's Wanted (locator) page.
We'll do what we can to help, but no promise is made or implied.

Policy for Back Dues

The following policy was implemented effective 1 June 2001 due to rising printing and postal costs.

Any member in arrears on dues or one (1) year will be sent the Association Directory each year, and information on the reunion only, until back dues are paid. Once reinstated, current issues of all newsletters will be forwarded.

Any member in arrears for two (2) years will be sent the Association Directory once each year only, until back dues are paid. Once reinstated, current issues of all newsletters will be forwarded.

Any member in arrears for three (3) years or more will be moved to our Inactive Roster and will receive a short letter at the beginning of each year with an application to rejoin the Association. Those on Inactive Roster will receive no information on the Reunion nor any updated Directory until all back dues have been satisfactorily paid to the Secretary/Treasurer.

Association Mission

Our mission is to publish a newsletter and to maintain an internet homepage.

The Association will use these publications to inform its general membership about events within the Association and about current or proposed legislation that might affect veterans of all wars.

Members of the Association will strive to preserve the memory of those who served in the "ICHIBAN" Battalion and to publish only the facts concerning any particular battle, person or situation.

This website is also intended to give individuals who served in the Battalion a forum in which to be heard and a medium where they can communicate, make contact, and share the events in their lives with their fellow soldiers and their families.

Membership Information and Application

Membership in the First Battalion, 50th Infantry Association, Inc. is open to any person who has served or is serving in the 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry, and to their spouses, significant others, children and/or other relatives.

Other membership details are included in the Association Application Form.

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