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The Dual Nature of War Photography!

History is little else than a picture of human crimes and misfortunes.
François Marie Arouet de Voltaire (1694-1778), L’Ingénu. Chap. x. (1767)

A picture is worth a thousand words.

In modern times, still and motion photography has become perhaps the single most important element that stimulates our interest. Introduced in the U.S. in 1839 with the advent of daguerreotype, over a million photographs define our understanding of the Civil War, and photographs have defined our understanding of every war since then. In fact, the captions on two of the most powerful images of the Vietnam War (the girl running from the bombed village and the helicopters on the roof during South Vietnam's final days) were deliberate lies to score political points, yet so powerful were the photographs that those myths prevail today some 30 years later.

War photographs can serve a variety of purposes besides propaganda. Like nouns, they can show people, places or things. Like adjectives, they can depict living or working conditions, battlefields or the aftermath of battle. Like verbs, they can trigger actions like recovery of faded or suppressed memories, and like adverbs they can modify or condition those actions and highlight or emphasize the historical record.

From nearly 200 years of war photography, we gain a perspective that there are really two main types of war photograph - those that show combat, and those that don't. Many of the most famous war photographs such as the flag raising on Mt. Suribachi depict the effects of war, rather than combat itself. The reason is pretty simple, for most of us, a camera is not our highest priority when under fire. Many professional photographers have died getting too close to the action; some 135 died in the Vietnam Wars alone.

Most of the photographs on this website were taken by soldiers assigned to the 1st Battalion (Mechanized), 50th Infantry. In a few cases, professional photographers took them. Speaking for myself, I never expected that my "happy snaps" would ever be works of art or would ever form part of a valuable historical record... and I was probably correct: however, many of the photographs by my fellow soldiers on this website really do show history... the history that we were part of... the history that we helped make! Despite that, few of our photographs show actual combat. itself . We were, after all, combat infantrymen... with a tough job to do.

And so our photographs carry on, in a modest way, the traditions started by Mathew Brady, Timothy O'Sullivan and Alexander Gardner and honored by such distinguished photojournalists as Frank Hurley, Damien Parer, Georgi Zelma, Joe Rosenthal, Therese Bonney, William Eugene Smith, Larry Burrows, Robert Capa, Henri Huet, and Kyochi Sawada.

Individual Collections of Vietnam War Photographs

NOTES: Collections are compiled as received and posted as hypertext links as they are published. Individual photos are taken from these collections to use elsewhere on this website.

Frankie Accardo Harley David Harless Rigo Ordaz
Noel E. Allen Michael Hartz Bob Page
Herman Allmendinger Mick Hawkins George Paine
Ed Alvey George Haynes Dave Parker
Dennis Apana John Hanzlik Wilson Parks
John Banales Danny Henson David Payne
Wendell Barnes Richard Hooker Parker Pierce
Sam Barnhart Harvey Hummel Olan Pike
Sam Bennett Edgar Irizarry Norm Poage
George R. Bell (6-68 to 3-69) Charlie Jameson Walt Podraza
Cheney Bertholf, Jr. Thomas Jones Duane Quello
Bob Bihari Jim Kelliher Russ (Doc) Roth
Steve Black Richard Kerr Vinny Russo
Bill Bontemps Dave Knechtel Ray Sarlin
Art Borr Dennis Knickerbocker Dan Schlecht
Talmadge Cain Bryan "Frenchy" Lagimoniere Thomas M. Schroeder
Roy Carwile Dennis Larocque William Schussler
Mike Chisam Keith LaRue Jim Sheppard
Tom Clark Rick Leland John Smerdon
Jerry Cooper Ron Leraas Larry Shipp
Jaime Cruz Fred Lohman Chuck Spotts
James Dacus Sam Luna Dennis Sullivan
Bob Dash (Phan Thiet) Chuck McAleer Rick Tande
Henry Dunn Don McClure Tom Tierney
Jim Edwards Tom McGovern LT Charles Tilton
George Fiedler Ernie Milito John Topper
James E. Fitzgerald Toby Milroy (SEPIA Magazine) Pete Tovar
Louis Frisbie Billy Mims Allan Van Keuren
Walter (Happy) Gilbreath Bill Moore Danny C. "Bo" Walter
Bob Gold Duncan Moore Reynolds "Tennessee" Williams
Dick Guthrie Robert Newton Pat Willson
Rick Hambley Glen L. "Nick" Nicholls Harry Wilson
Toby W. Hamon Shannon Nichols James Woodall
Mark Hannan Bob Odendahl  
    Arlington 2012

Photos our our Honored Dead

Below are pages posted in memory of our fallen brothers. In 2006, at the suggestion of then Association President Randy Smith, efforts began to assemble a list of family and friends of all our men KIA during the 50th Infantry's deployment in Vietnam. Association Historian Jim Sheppard expanded this idea and created memorial pages for each man...complete with action description, KIA location maps, burial information and photos for each man. The effort took over 12 years, but photos were finally all found by April of 2019. All these memorial pages are "linked" below, including 33 men who were found not to be part of the 50th Infantry... but listed as such prior to accurate KIA records being assembled by the Coffelt Vietnam Casualty Database Team of volunteers.

Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Panorama ~ Washington, D.C.

Charles Edward Aaron (11W 098) Carlyle Guenther (55E 014) Denny Pekny (50W 009)
Daniel Owen Abernathy (47W 058) Albert Gutierrez (47W 002) Joseph Perez (43E 068)
Oscar Aguayo, Jr (31E 096) Russell Haas (42E 032) Lorenzo Pettis (22W 035)
Leroy B Aiken (01W 006) Jim Hacek (42W 018) William Piaskowski (44E 052)
Robert Samuel Allen (54E 042) Virgil Vern Hamilton (23W 021) Ronald Pillow (52W 024)
Michael Alley (39E 001) Todd Handy (42E 040) Thomas Pipkin (27E 091)
Dudney Nelson Arlentino (31E 058) Howard Brown Handley (44W 048) Howard Samuel Pontuck (43W 058)
Johnnie Ayers (34W 019) Robert Bruce Haney, Jr. (11W 091) James Powell (09W 061)
Bruce Backes (54E 042) Sherron Harbison (55E 015) Donald Queen (47E 042)
Scott Jay Bailey (34W 004) Richard Edward Hayes (30E 090) Tom Ramey (45E 027)
Bernard Phillip Bailey (19W 105) Ron Heinecke (48W 043) Charles Allen Raulston (12W 031)
Clifton Adair Baldwin (17W 024) Tom Herkins (47W 003) Jerry Riedlberger (33E 022)
Robert Irving Ballard (37E 003) Ron Hillman (55E 019) Claude Roberts (49E 026)
Danny Barron (20W 096) Clarence Hills (42E 041) Timothy Robson (24W 061)
Thomas Fredrick Barth (24W 057) Dennis Hinton (55E 017) Craig Allen Rood (55E 029)
Mark Behrent (09W 056) Thomas Hodge (35E 022) James Sidney Rylee (58W 026)
Richard Lewis Belinge (46E 029) Richard Holloway (31E 024) James Rae Sabourin (29E 034)
Howard Clayton Bell (39E 028) Donald Honeycutt (58E 022) James Sachaschik (13W 052)
Richard Bellwood (34W 073) Danny Hoskins (68W 003) George Stanley Salema (28E 017)
Timothy Wayne Beverford (20W 063) George House (38E 077) Pablo Sanchez (47E 043)
Terry Wayne Birmingham (33E 016) Roger Hubbard (28E 104) Francis Sanders (32E 059)
CPT Donald Blair (26W 038) Milton C. Hunter (01W 086) Lorenzo Sewell (48W 048)
Willie B. Bradford (43E 065) Keith Brian Janke (23W 009) Michael Robert Shapard (31E 078)
Paul Branyan (31E 071) Lawrence M. Jennings (34E 077) Drew Shipley (31E 077)
James David Brown (01W 085) Gary Ray Johnson (31E 092) Jose Silveira (33E 022)
Douglas Brown (28E 102) James A. Johnson (21W 042) Anthony Simoes (47E 036)
Bohdan Peter Brydun (31E 071) Kenneth Duane Johnson (19W 102) Erwin Bruce Sims (42W 041)
Samuel Bulloch (31E 072) Charles Jones (15W 024) William "Billy" Sims (39E 014)
Dennis Burke (37E 050) Joseph Jones (50E 016) Burton Small (17W 078)
Archie Burnette, Jr. (35E 089) Stephen Jordan (46W 001) Larry Smith (54W 020)
Bernard "Butch" Burns (37E 051) Kazmierczak, Robert J. (22W 047) Thomas Smith (11W 093)
Steve Burton (47E 020) Duane Keil (21W 052) Walker Smith (31E 077)
Randy Cagle (18W 070) Gregory Kelly (48E 028) John Snelson (11W 042)
Albert L. Campfield (35E 014) Kenneth Lancaster (33E 029) Melvin Sodowsky (31E 078)
Joseph A. Cardenas (10W 068) Melvin Leavell (43E 068) Sherman Sorrell (32E 006)
David Charles Cardinal (47E 030) Larry LeDonne (45E 027) Bill Stainer (33E 023)
Tommy Lee Carpenter (35E 014) Robert J. Leska (55E 021) Harley Roy Standridge (32E 013)
Tom Cast(32E 070) Robert Dean Lingle (19W 095) Nade Stanich (09W 120)
Joe Castagna(36W 056) Robert J. Loehlein, Jr. (42W 012) James Arthur Stell (51W 022)
Roger Chambliss (01W 086) Byron Clifton Lollar (35E 040) Donald Ray Stephenson (55E 032)
Ray Chenoweth (34W 005) George Leonard Lopez (07W 053) Edward Marvin Sternin (44W 003)
Herbert P. Cho (42W 013) John Arthur Love (25W 104) Charles L. Stewart (01W 087)
Robert Clatfelter (22W 031) Donald Everett Lowe (55E 021) Jack T. Stewart (17E 040)
Gary Clayton (33E 017) Jere Lowe (17W 078) James Francis Stolinski (46E 042)
Larry Coggins (28E 099) Thomas Lukes (52W 023) Tommy Gene "Smokey" Stover (33E 024)
Gary Wayne Cokley (06W 034) David R. Mackey (18W 103) James Clinton Strano (35E 018)
Steven E. Collier (40W 042) Ronald Mall (02W 136) Timothy L. Strohm (61W 017)
Jerome L. Collins (23W 020) Frederick Manly (33E 020) Gary Lee Strouse (52W 012)
Charles Anthony "Stormy" Connell (12W 024) John Marason (37W 023) Raymond Sullivan (34W 072)
Roger Gene Craig (11W 090) Robert Marthaler (10W 081) Bruce Wayne Tabor (55E 032)
Rodney Crandall (56E 004) Roman Mason (33W 003) Esteban Tadena (29E 045)
Raymond H. Crull (12W 045) Luis Massa (20W 114) Clarence Taylor (23W 011)
John R. D'Agostino, Jr. (53E 011) Travis "Tex" Matlock (22W 034) Scott Thiry (28E 106)
Fred Denkins, Jr. (11W 090) Raymond Mays (11W 024) Allen Thomas (39W 039)
Ellis Dennison (55E 009) John McDaid (14W 047) Charles Thomas (26W 012)
James Dillard (44W 047) Lonzo McDonald (20W 114) Kenneth Ben Thomas (11W 093)
Gregory Dodge (08W 002) Gary McFall (44W 051) Richard Thompson (14E 089)
Tom Donovan (45E 062) Robert McMillin (16W 043) James A. Tilley (34E 071)
Malcolm Dulac (55E 010) Byron McQuinn (31W 038) Antonio Tosa (03W 133)
Johnston Dunlop (50E 013) Bernard Meinen (32E 031) Larry Trevarton (52W 012)
William Farrell (31E 073) Arnold Melish (39E 009) Francisco Trujillo (15W 019)
Barry Feldmann (31E 073) Hubert Meredith (50W 044) Cletus Tuttle (55W 024)
Jim Ferguson (55E 011) Jesus James Meza (13W 006) Allan Leroy Van Keuren (31E 095)
Donald Fleetwood (31E 073) Thomas Mitchell (31E 025) Herbert Vaughn (67W 006)
Al "Flip" Filippelli (42W 017) John Mogan (32E 002) William Velilla (30E 005)
Joe Lynn Fowler (24W 025) John J. Monaghan, Jr. (67W 002) Sammie Waddle (24W 013)
Joseph Ralph Franckowiak (50W 018) John Ernest Moody, Jr. (08W 015) Wayne Wadlington (31E 095)
James C. Freidt (27E 089) Charles Moomey (46E 038) Michael Walker (54W 007)
John Fullam (31E 073) Dennis Moore (14W 069) Johnny Lee Ward (18W 073)
Robert Gaftunik (19W 111) Leon Moore (33W 003) Gary Allen Warner (36W 024)
Emilio Garcia (35E 016) Ronald Moore (39W 017) Frank Webb, (55E 035)
Robert John Gasko, Jr. (14W 049) Thomas W. Morris (39W 061) John Welch, (29E 007)
Bobby Lee Gentry (21W 083) James Joseph Morrissey (35W 005) Richard Wells, (55E 035)
Roy Givens (20W 070) Francis Mulvey (46W 018) John "Jack" White, (42E 026)
Manuel Gonzales (31E 074) James Murphy (29E 025) Bill Whitlatch, (15W 051)
Calvin Gooch (58E 021) Marvin Murray (60W 003) Roy Wiegand, (33E 062)
Jerry Graves (50W 024) R C Myers (25W 051) Melvin Joe Williams, (36E 042)
Robert Lee Gray (09W 057) Ricky Lee Null (51E 011) Woodrow Wilson (45E 035)
Ramon Grayson (11W 101) Gary Alan Ohman (19W 108) William John Winters, (24W 014)
Reid Grayson (36W 084) Thomas William Otte (37E 011 James George Witham, (24W 027)
Harold Green (09W 059) Steven Craig Owen (23W 029) Delbert R. Wood, (01W 089)
Lawrence Greene (35E 071) Robert Owens (58E 012) Thomas S. Woodland, Jr. (47E 045)
Steve Grubb (23W 009) Gregorio Pangelinan(30W 094) James Earl Wright, (31E 079)
Dave Parker (36E 029) Dennis Zambano, (28E 009)
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Publish your 1/50(M) photographs on the Association website!

Remember that posting up photos may take time. If interested in having your photos here on this page, please contact the Website Committee.

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