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1 June 1967 - 29 January 1968
Jun 67
In the Mekong Delta, the U.S. establishes the Mobile Riverine Force which uses U.S. Navy 'Swift' boats and Army troops to halt Viet Cong usage of inland waterways in the Mekong Delta.
Jul 67
General Westmoreland requests an additional 200,000 reinforcements on top of the 475,000 soldiers already scheduled to be sent to Vietnam, which would bring the U.S. total in Vietnam to 675,000. President Johnson agrees only to an extra 45,000.
7 Jul 67
North Vietnam's Politburo makes the decision to launch a widespread offensive against South Vietnam. Conceived in three phases, the first phase involves attacks against remote border areas in an effort to lure American troops away from South Vietnam's cities. The second phase (Tet Offensive) will be an attack against the cities themselves by Viet Cong forces aided by NVA troops, in the hope of igniting a "general uprising" to overthrow the government of South Vietnam. The third phase involves the actual invasion of South Vietnam by NVA troops coming from North Vietnam.
15 Jul 67
G.I. Pay Hike Signed By L.B.J.
15 Jul 67
Sinatra, 50, Engaged to Mia Farrow, 21    
15 Jul 67
U.S. Jets Down M.I.G. Over North    
28 Jul 67
Seeks No Wider War - U.S. Rejects Ky Call to Invade
29 Jul 67
The USS Forestall catches fire in the Tonkin Gulf from a punctured fuel tank that kills 134 U.S. crewmen, the worst naval accident since World War II.
1 Aug 67
Toll on Forrestal: 71 Dead, 112 Missing
1 Aug 67
Troopers Leave Detroit
9 Aug 67
The Senate Armed Services Committee begins closed-door hearings concerning the influence of civilian advisors on military planning.
14 Aug 67
U.S. Discloses Laos Bombing
18 Aug 67
California Governor Ronald Reagan says the U.S. should get out of Vietnam citing the difficulties of winning a war when "too many qualified targets have been put off limits to bombing."
21 Aug 67
The Chinese shoot down two U.S. fighter-bombers that accidentally crossed their border during air raids in North Vietnam along the Chinese border.
1 Sep 67
North Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Van Dong publicly states Hanoi will "continue to fight."
1 Sep 67
The 1st Battalion (Mechanized), 50th Infantry from Fort Hood, Texas embarks on the USS Pope for Vietnam via Okinawa.
3 Sep 67
National elections are held in South Vietnam with 80 percent of eligible voters participating. Nguyen Van Thieu is elected president with 35 percent of the vote with Nguyen Cao Ky as his vice-president.
9 Sep 67
Electronic 'Wall' to Span Vietnam
9 Sep 67
6 N.A.S.A. Data Tapes Stolen
9 Sep 67
160,000 Ford Workers Walk Off The Job
11 Sep-31 Oct 67
U.S. Marines are besieged at Con Thien two miles south of the Demilitarized Zone. A massive long-range artillery duel between NVA and U.S. guns during the siege with 42,000 NVA rounds against 281,000 U.S. rounds and B-52 air strikes to lift the siege. NVA losses are estimated at over 2,000.
22 Sep 67
The 1/50 (M) Infantry arrives in South Vietnam port of Qui Nhon. Assigned to I Field Force and attached to the Ist Cavalry Division (Airmobile).
22 Sep 67
The 1/50(M) Infantry is attached to the Ist Cavalry Division's Second (Blackhorse) Brigade commanded by COL Joseph C. McDonough. 1/50(M) is commanded by LTC Albert L. Hutson Jr (Blue Dolphin 6) who brought the battalion to Vietnam. Organized under the G series TOE the 1/50 constituted a fourth rifle company (Delta Co. Provisional) from its own resources from headquarters and supply units and new replacements. This enabled the battalion to rotate one company for base security and three rifle companies out in the field.
22-30 Sep 67
The 1/50 makes its new home in LZ Ichiban and LZ Uplift. Begins operations in the Crescent, 505, 506 Valleys. Join 1st Cavalry in ongoing Operations Pershing battling the 7th, 8th, and 9th battalions of the 22nd NVA Regiment, and the 95th and 97th battalions of the 2nd VC Regiment, all mainline units of the 3rd (Sao Vang-Yellow Star) NVA Infantry Division.
1-10 Oct 67
1/50 continues operations in the Pershing AO.
11 Oct 67
PVT Thomas Dewey Pipkin Jr.and PVT James Christian Freidt became the first 1/50(M) troopers killed in country. Five soldiers were to be killed in action in October.
21-23 Oct 67
'March on the Pentagon' draws 55,000 protesters. In London, protesters try to storm the U.S. embassy.
23 Oct 67
March on Pentagon - Mob Hurled Back By G.I.íS, Marshals
23 Oct 67
Israeli Destroyer Sunk; Egyptian Missiles Blamed
23 Oct 67
Judge Jails Own Son
31 Oct 67
President Johnson reaffirms his commitment to maintain U.S. involvement in South Vietnam.
November 67
1/50 conducted several missions in different parts of the AO in ongoing Operation Pershing. Delta Co. at LZ English and at Special Forces LZ Pony. Other companies at LZ Uplift and in the field. There were 6 soldiers from the 1/50 who lost their lives for their country in the month of November 1967.
3 Nov-1 Dec 67
The Battle of Dak To in mountainous terrain along the border of Cambodia and Laos as the U.S. 4th Infantry Division heads off a planned NVA attack against the Special Forces camp located there. Massive air strikes combined with U.S. and ARVN ground attacks result in an NVA withdrawal into Laos and Cambodia. NVA losses are put at 1,644. U.S. has 289 KIA.
11 Nov 67
President Johnson makes another peace overture, but it is soon rejected by Hanoi.
17 Nov 67
Following an optimistic White House briefing by GEN Westmoreland and Ambassador Bunker, President Johnson tells the American public on TV that pogress is being made.
25 Nov 67
Red Losses Climb - G.I.íS Take Hill 875 After 5-Day Fight
25 Nov 67
Turkish Jets Streak Over Cyprus As Tension Mounts
29 Nov 67
Robert McNamara resigns as Defense Secretary during a press briefing.
30 Nov 67
McNamara Is Set to Quit Pentagon
30 Nov 67
Peking Denied U.N. Seat
30 Nov 67
Anti-war Democrat Eugene McCarthy announces he will be a candidate for President opposing Lyndon Johnson.
1-5 Dec 67
The 1/50 continues operations with the 1st Cavalry Division in Operation Pershing AO.
4 Dec 67
Four days of anti-war protests begin in New York. Among the 585 protesters arrested is renowned 'baby doctor' Dr. Benjamin Spock.
6 Dec 67
The U.S. reports Viet Cong murdered 252 civilians in the hamlet of Dak Son.
6 Dec 67
1630. The Battle of Tam Quan begins. The 1/50 sends one platoon of Alpha company to rescue two platoons of the 1/9 Cav who were pinned down by a superior enemy force VIC BS 897071. The 22nd NVA Regiment had been found, the Battle of Tam Quan II begins.
1725. The Ist Bde, Ist Cav commanded by Col. Rattan, assumes control of the action from 2nd Bde. One platoon A 1/50 dispatched from LZ English along with troops of the 1/8 Cav were successful in extracting the beleagured troops by 2100 Hours.
7 Dec 67
0915. 1/8 Cav attacks entrenched enemy- pulled back because they encountered stiff enemy resistance.
1230. Delta Co. 1/50 Mech released from 2nd Bde, OPCON to 1/8. Both D 1/50 and A& B 1/8 Cav attack the enemy.
1406. D 1/50 ,A&B 1/8 Cav and flame thrower APCs of the 1/50 successful in penetrating the initial enemy bunker and trench network. Several troops of the 1/50 and 1/8 hit by friendly gunship fire.
8 Dec 67
D 1/50 with A & C 1/8 Cav begin coordinated attack on enemy vicinity BS904073. HQ & B Co. 1/50 OPCON to 1st Bde 1st Cav and sent to LZ English North to prepare for employment.
9 Dec 67
0700. Bravo Co. 1/50 Mech moves out of LZ English North under control of Task Force Dolphin 1/50 (-) and headed toward the beach area (BS926079) linked up with B 1/8 Cav and C&D 1/12 Cav.
0845. D 1/50 along with A&C 1/8 begin final sweep through Dai Dong, initial area of contact. Completed sweep at 1630 Hrs. Delta 1/50 returns to LZ English for rest and base security.
10 Dec 67
0900. CO of 40th ARVN Rgmt. reported civilians running from vilage of Troung Lam (1) BS905055.
0925. B 1/50 directed to turn south and search Troung Lam (1).
1055. B 1/50 while approaching Troung Lam (1) came under intense small arms and automatic weapons fire. B 1/12 maneuvered to right flank, C 1/12 Cav.
1220. B 1/50 lost 10 soldiers in that encounter. Three coordinated attacks y the three companies were made on the enemy positions during the afternoon. Delta 1/50 1/50 who spent the morning at LZ English, was called to rescue allies of the 40th ARVN and American advisors who were caught in a cross fire at BS911048.
1545. D 1/50 in a combined attack using flame thrower APCs and the firepower of the ACAVs rescued the South Vietnamese troops caught in a trap. During this encounter Delta 1/50 lost three of its personnel to enemy fire.
11 Dec 67
Task Force 1/12 initiated an attack against Troung Lam (2) sporadic resistance and contact broken broken by noon. TF Dolphin (also D 1/50) had no enemy contact, policed battlefield VIC BS911058.
12 Dec 67
TF DOLPHIN , TF ALPHA Marine (ARVN) as combined force begin pursuit of the 22nd NVA Rgmt. 1055 Hrs. Delta 1/50 and D 1/12 Cav became engaaged with an unknown size enemy force VIC BS917073. Artillery, ARA, and a successful flanking movement from the east eliminated this last pocket of resistance.
14 Dec 67
0800 Continued search and destroy ops w/ no significant sightings. HQ, B & D 1/50 returned to the 2nd Bde at 0800Hrs.
15 Dec 67
C 1/12 Cav in contact with enemy around My An (5) close to Troung Lam (1) request for a Mech unit granted and A(-) 1/50 dispatched to area that afternoon. A platoon of 1/12 Cav cut off and surrounded by enemy. A 1/50 helps to extract beleagured troops, One Ist Cav soldier awarded the Medal of Honor.
16 Dec 67
Another attack on Troung Lam (1) initiated with A(-) 1/50 and C 1/50 met only with only light resistance. They continued to police battlefield. Delta 1/50 operating south of Bong Son river loses one soldier blown up accidently with a claymore mine.
17 Dec 67
Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt, who rallied behind the cry "All the way with LBJ" in support of America in Vietnam, disappears while swimming off Cheviot Beach in Victoria, Australia. Since his body was never recovered, some saw his disappearance as more sinister than a drowning.
20 Dec 67
2400. Battle of Tam Quan ends. The first major battle of 1/50(M) ends with over 650 of the enemy dead. Two battalions of the 22nd NVA Regiment were rendered ineffective. 58 Americans lost their life in this battle.
23 Dec 67
President Johnson makes his second and final presidential visit to Vietnam.
31 Dec 67
U.S. troop levels reach 463,000 with 16,000 combat deaths to date. Over a million American soldiers have served in Vietnam, most in support units. An estimated 90,000 soldiers from North Vietnam infiltrated into the South via the Ho Chi Minh trail in 1967, bring overall estimated Viet Cong/NVA troop strength throughout South Vietnam to 300,000.
2 Jan 68
Battle of An Tinh, Operation Pershing I, Phu My District, Binh Dinh Province. D Co., 1/50(M) Infantry surprises three companies at seaside village of An Loc to start the Battle of An Tinh. Delta Co. cordoned off village of An Lac and caught three companies of the 97th Bn, 2nd VC Regiment, 3rd NVA Div. 1032 Hrs D 1/50 while moving into AN LAC (1) receives heavy volume of small arms and automatic weapons fire from that village and the village next to it AN TINH. D company in contact with a major force. B Company working about 8,000 meters from the contact area was committed at 1051 Hrs. At 1430 Hrs. B1/50 closed the contact area from the north.
3 Jan 68
Battle of An Tinh continues. C 1/5 Cav and B 1/50 attacked from the north. D 1/50 attacked from the East and B 1/5 Cav attacked from the south.
4 Jan 68
Battle of An Tinh ends. Total body count for the Battle of An Tinh was 103 enemy KIA, and 28 weapons captured. Six Americans lost their life in this battle, and 28 were wounded.
5 Jan 68
Operation Niagara I to map NVA positions around Khe Sanh begins.
21 Jan 68
Operation Pershing ends. When operation ended (343 days) the enemy lost 5,715 soldiers KIA and 2,323 were captured. 1,300 individual and 137 crew served weapons were captured. Operation Pershing was the largest single operation and the most successful in which the 1st Cavalry Division participated since its arrival in Vietnam in August 1965. The 1st Cav and the 1/50 (M) Infantry did a lot of damage to the enemy, especially in the last battles of the operation. It did not wipe out all of the NVA or VC in the area but it did great damage to them. The success of the operation can be summed up in the words of an enemy prisoner of war. The captured enemy, a sapper battalion Chief of Staff stated that "during the period from Sept. 67 to Jan. 68, the liberating forces (NVA,VC) were driven near the abyss, especially in the Binh Dinh area and two other areas." Vietnam Studies Airmobility 1961-1971 by Lt. Gen John J. Tolson. Since joining the 1st Cav in September 1967, the 1/50 played a major role in all major battles in Operation Pershing.
21 Jan 68
GEN Giap attacks the American air base at Khe Sanh with 20,000 NVA, starting a 77-day seige of the 5,000 Marines defending the post. There is enormous media attention because of inevitable comparisons to Dien Bien Phu in 1954 where the Frenchwere defeated. Operation Niagara II begins a massive aerial supply effort to the besieged Marines along with heavy B-52 bombardment of NVA troop positions. At the peak of the battle, NVA soldiers are hit round-the-clock every 90 minutes by groups of three B-52s which drop over 110,000 tons of bombs during the siege, the heaviest bombardment of a small area in the history of warfare.
22 Jan 68
1st Cavalry Division begins Operation Pershing II.
23 Jan 68
Battle of Trung Thuan, Operation Pershing II, Phu My District, Binh Dinh Province. A Co. 1/50 while on move to help a PF outpost, foils an ambush by forces of the 95th Bn., 2nd VC Regiment, 3rd NVA DIv. along Hwy. 504. The enemy responded with intense automatic weapons , recoilless rifle, rocket and mortar fire. 1050 Hrs. C 1/50 was committed to the north of the contact area. A 1/50 continued fighting along an 800 meter front. The enemy ambush had been completely routed and at 1604Hrs. the battle ended. Enemy body count was 137 killed and 33 weapons captured. Friendly casualties were 4 killed and 21 wounded.
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