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Click on the "Guide-on" images above to visit a sampling of photos from our various Companies. For more extensive photo collections, click on the "Photo Gallery" link button to the right.

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Photos on this page cover the general 1967-1970 time span of the battalion's service in Vietnam. More specific topics are covered on the individual company pages (click on the unit guidons or other links above).

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In the beginning...
The 1st Bn (Mech), 50th Infantry was deployed to Vietnam from Fort Hood, Texas, with the Pacific journey aboard the USS General John Pope, shown here in Okinawa in 1967.
File size: 62K. Photo courtesy of Bill Moore.

Another photo of the USS John Pope
This is another photo of the USS General John Pope berthed in Okinawa in 1967.
File size: 62K. Photo courtesy of Bill Moore

The An Khe Perimeter (Green Line)
The 1st Bn (Mech), 50th Inf, was based at Camp Radcliff, An Khe, Binh Dinh Province, in the center of one of three general Areas of Operation (AOs) in which we worked. Camp Radcliff was the home of the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile).
File size: 62K. Photo courtesy of Engineers.

The Bong Son Plains
The 1st Bn (Mech), 50th Inf also worked out of LZ Uplift in the Phu My District of Binh Dinh Province, the center of our second general AO. The 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile), 4th Infantry Division and 173d Airborne Brigade (Separate) in turn availed themselves of our firepower and maneuverability (most of the time) when operating in and around the Bong Son Plains.
File size: 19K. Photo courtesy of Ray Sarlin.

Construction of 8" Hill, LZ Uplift .
Looking south at the construction of 8" Hill at LZ Uplift in 1967, with Highway 1 in the background. This photograph proves that there was once a plan; military bases are not always simply a matter of selecting former alien toxic waste dumps in the midst of paradise.
File size: 57K. U.S. Army Photo.

LZ Uplift from Duster Hill
This is a view of the 1st Bn (Mech), 50th Infantry's base at LZ Uplift in Binh Dinh Province. The Dusters with twin 40mm barrels were originally designed for anti-aircraft use and could lay down a heavy base of ground fire. Unfortunately, they were gasoline-powered, as we all found out one day.
File size: 57K. Photo courtesy of Dick Guthrie.

LZ Uplift seen from Duster Hill
This shows an overview of LZ Uplift seen from the communications station on the mountain that overklooked the LZ. Some shots of the comms station are included in the Company D link above.

File size: 36K. Photo courtesy of Ray Sarlin.

War and Peace, Vietnam-style
A view of a picturesque water wheel on the Bong Son River, Binh Dinh Province, in July 1969. Note flight of UH1 choppers in the background.

File size: 36K. Photo courtesy of Ray Sarlin.

Bong Son street scene.
Street scene outside the Bong Son Laundry in beautiful downtown Bong Son, South Vietnam.
File size: 57K. Photo courtesy of Ray Sarlin.

The real meaning of LZ Action
Medic Mark Hannan of D Company attached to A Company, takes advantage of CO CPT Neglia's preoccupation with the war to reconnoiter the high ground at LZ Action in April or May 1969. This may be what GEN Sherman meant with his remark, "War is hell.".
File size: 36K. Photo courtesy of Mark Hannan.

Mountains in the Phu My AO
The Phu My area, long a hotbed of enemy activity, was surrounded by rugged mountains in which the 1st Bn (Mech), 50th Infantry frequently operated. Looking north from Uplift, Hwy 1 angles off a bit to the left.
File size: 16K. Photo courtesy of Ray Sarlin.

Not the Bob Hope Show
A round-eye band entertains troops of the 1st Bn 50th Infantry in the theater at LZ Uplift, Binh Dinh Province, 1969.
File size: 38K. Photo courtesy of Ray Sarlin.

The Colonel John U.D. Page
Heavy equipment and troops of the 1st Bn 50th Infantry transferred from Binh Dinh Province to LZ Betty, at Phan Thiet in Binh Thuan Province, our third main AO, by Army Ship Colonel John U.D. Page.
File size: 38K. Official U.S. Army photo.

LZ Betty near Phan Thiet
In September 1969, the 1st Bn 50th Infantry moved by land, sea and air to LZ Betty, at Phan Thiet in Binh Thuan Province, our third main AO. The centerpieces of LZ Betty were the old French quarters and the airplane graveyard at the end of the split-level airstrip.
File size: 50K. Official U.S. Army photo.

Another view of LZ Betty, Phan Thiet
This is an Official U.S. Army aerial photo of LZ Betty taken during a windstorm in a chopper overdue for it's 10,000 hour checkup by a substance-affected trainee cameraperson.
File size: 38K. U.S. Army Photo.

LZ Betty in lovely Phan Thiet
Company area of B Company in LZ Betty, Binh Thuan Province in late 1969, showing typical "do-it-yourself" architecture of early Phan Thiet days. When the wind blew south, we knew why Phan Thiet was the Nuoc Mam Capital of the World!
File size: 24K. Photo Courtesy of Mike Chisam.

Flying over Thien Giao, Binh Thuan
Flying in a Huey chopper from Phan Thiet to Whiskey Mountain to consult with a platoon pulling security for the Comms station there, 5 November 1969. 1/50(M) started pulling security after an earlier NVA attack caused unnecessary damage.
File size: 38K. Photo Courtesy of Ray Sarlin.

1/50 receives RVN Cross of Gallantry
Battalion CO LTC Richard Hooker and other 1/50 members receiving the RVN Gallantry Cross in Phan Thiet. Among the awardees is Chris Waters AKA Disney child actor Kevin Corcoran AKA Moochie, who (in Hollywood studio speak) came to Vietnam after his "natural cuteness" wore off.
File size: 57K. Photo courtesy of Dave Parker.

1/50 "Theater" at LZ Betty
When our 173rd Airborne troops were excluded from the 101st Airborne clubs in Phan Thiet, we built our own - and our own stage/outdoor theater complete with dancers. November 1969.
File size: 63K. Photo by Billy Mims.

And don't forget R&R
I'm told that the war could seem very far away in enclaves of beautiful Saigon, the one-time Gem of the Orient., as Mark Hannan is finding out in July 1969.
File size: 57K. Photo courtesy of Mark Hannan.

Welcome home!
Headquarters Company soldier returning from Stateside in 1970 after taking leave for a six-month extension. He's back for six more months of duty.
File size: 97K. Photo courtesy of Dave Parker.
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