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Vietnam Era Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit - Genius Edition!

One person wrote in that he didn't know how much he had forgotten until he looked at our Association website, and that provided the inspiration to start this trivia page. Maybe it's misnamed, because much of the "trivial" knowledge that we had to remember in Vietnam could save our lives, but that's the name widely used today (thanks to Hasbro's board game "Trivial Pursuit") so we'll stick with "trivia".

Please send in your trivia to the 1/50(M) Trivial Pursuit - Genius Edition. Your contributions will be gratefully accepted... and who knows, they may help you stump your friends or dazzle your grandkids.

Featured 1/50(M) Trivia!

Who said, "The longest journey begins with the first step?" Wasn't it Chairman Mao? Not really, he was just quoting Lao Tzu! With that brief warm-up question, you're ready to try our 1/50 Trivia Quizzes. Just click and go. Good luck!

Quiz 1. General Knowledge

Quiz 2. M16A1 Rifle

Quiz 3. Vietnam War Statistics

Submit your 1/50(M) Trivia!

1. What is the spirit of the bayonet?

Answer: "To kill!"

Get the drift? This is the kind of question that we need to have the best Vietnam-era military trivia page on the internet. We need sets of ten, fifteen or twenty questions for the following categories (and any others that you might suggest):

The Draft Basic Combat Training A.I.T., Infantry
Jump School Ranger School Officer's Basic Course
NCOC (Instant NCO) Acronyms & Abbreviations Field First Aid
Jungle School Walking Point Track Commander
Track Driver Weapons Check APC Maintenance
Field Tradecraft Areas 1/50(M) Worked OCS/ROTC/West Point
Know Your Enemy Battles of the Vietnam War Chain of Command
R&R Survival Tactics Short-timer's Blues Lessons Learned

Just email your inputs to 1/50(M) Trivial Pursuit - Genius Edition.

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