Photographs of Jaime Cruz/cruz22

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The man on the right is a 1SG, visiting the troops in the field this day, according to Jaime Cruz.  The Charlie Company Roster from October 31, 1968 shows a 1SG Stepney Carr, Jr....the "B" Company 1st Sergeant was  1SG George E. Rogers (Could be Rodgers).  Also taken while on Patrol in the vicinity of An Khe in late 1968 or early 1969.  We received a confirmation that the man seated to the left is 1LT Dan Dorsey, Bravo Company and the man with his back to the camera is SFC Irizarry, who was with "B" and "C" Company.

Confirmation of the 1SG is solicited.    If you can confirm the identities, please contact Jim Sheppard, Website Committee.