Photographs of Jaime Cruz/cruz21

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Hot chow line!  Serving chow from the mermack container is then SFC Edgar R. Irizarry, Sr. Also taken while on Patrol in the vicinity of An Khe in late 1968 or early 1969. Charlie Company. 

We need help with the name of these men.    If you know the identities of any of these men, please contact Jim Sheppard, Website Committee.

Webmaster's Comment: What a great photo Jaime Cruz takes here!  I was taken back to those times in the "field" when hot chow was served. It was always a treat.  I have taken the liberty of bringing us forward in time to 2005, at Fort Benning, Georgie, as we visited trainees from the modern day 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry during our Association Reunion.  We were privileged to stand in the chow line at the rifle range for lunch...mixed right in with the trainees! At first they all stood ram-rod straight...fearing that if they strayed from the normal expected conduct they would be punished.  This fear soon melted away as we assured them we were "special guests"...former members of the 50th Infantry from the Vietnam era.  Once they realized they could relax, the conversations began! A great experience. We had a very enjoyable taste of modern day hot chow!  We didn't complain in Vietnam and neither did these young men that day! (Scroll to the photo below)

Hot chow, 2005 style!  Just like old times....well, maybe not exactly! was only a year and a half back, but I am not positive of the names here. 

We need help with the names of these men (AND woman! ~grin~).    If you know the identities of anyone pictured here, please contact Jim Sheppard, Website Committee.