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Medics "At Ease" , LZ Uplift Basecamp, Sometime in 1967

Find the Medic!

Using the Shadow Images on the right as a "map", pictured are: 1. Strickland? (From Houston), 2?....3. Belcher? (From Florida), 4. Jack Daniels, 5?....    6. Harris (From Georgia), 7. Melvin Volosek (From Iowa), 8. Pete Tovar, 9. Cannot recall Name, but was Dental Assitant and from Fargo, North Dakota. 10. Ron Provencher (From Manchester, NH), 11?....12. Ron Bergman, 13. Frank Prado (From Houston), 14. Keven Begley, 15. Mr. Bird, 16. Walt Peterson (From Garland,  Texas).

If you think you know the identity of any of these men. Contact Jim Sheppard, website committee.