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This page is dedicated to my good friend Ron Heinecke, KIA August 18, 1968 with less then two weeks left on his tour! Ron had been a Charlie Company, 3rd Platoon, 1st Squad member as had I & was back at Uplift on May 5th for Sick Call and missed the battle.  He broke me the news about Bruce Backes dying in battle that day. The night I found the Association for the first time I cried like a baby.... I had thought Ron made it...and, like many others, that Norm Poage had been Killed. The reverse turned out to be true. Pictured center top is Ron receiving a medal. (Picture by Norm Poage) Bottom row left is Ron and Norm, center is a picture I took of Ron, and to the right is a photo of Sergeant Chaney, Norm Poage and Ron Heinecke. (Picture also by Norm Poage)