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Left to Right: Tom Leddy and Bob Gold, recovering from wounds at the Hospital in Japan. Medic Russ Roth remembers that Tom Leddy was severely wounded during an ambush in the 505 ambush. First shot got him in the chest right above the heart. He was bent over...going over a hedgerow...when he was hit which explains how the round came out right at the lowest rib taking a good chunk of bone with it. He lost a ton of blood and was sucking air from the back side. He never would have made it if Tony Harris had not arrived to help me. We had an extremely hard time sealing up both entrance and exit wounds. I did not think he had a chance to survive but somehow heard he did. Bob Gold confirmed it when he showed me this picture at the Kansas CIty Reunion. Bob Gold was also badly wounded when a mine was detonated beneath his APC...both wounded in March of 1968 and both miraculously survived their wounds.