Photographs of Bill Bontemps/bontemps151

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From the 1/50 Battalion History, Jan - Mar - 1969: February 14, 0926 hours; A convoy (523rd Transportation Company, Qui Nhon) was ambushed from the north and south sides of the road (QL 19). There was small arms fire, B40 rockets, and satchel charges. A provisional platoon from B, 1-50th reacted to reinforce the ARVN unit accomanying the convoy. Artillery was fired and gunships expended in the area. Results: one US KHA (Convoy), 7 US WHA (Convoy), one PF (ARVN) KHA, five enemy KIA, three enemy PWs. Captured were 5 AK47s, 26 ChiCom grenades, two RPG-2s, five B40 rockets, one RPD machine gun and one command detonated mine.

The man killed in action was Roger Dale Lewis, VVMF Panel 32W - Line 35, 523rd Trans Co, 1st Log Command, Qui Nhon.