Photographs of Bill Bontemps/bontemps110

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This is Camp Radcliff (An Khe), as seen from the top of Hon Cong Mountain...facing east. In the lower center is the hospital complex.  The square building at center-bottom was the nurses has an open area in the center of the building that Glen Nicholls reports is where the nurses would often sun themselves...hence the binoculars in the previous photo (#109)! ~grin~. Nicholls also identifies the location of the motor pool and the Company areas. The road in front of the hospital winds to the right and then up (roughly ESE)...then takes a 90 degree turn to the left and passes a small grove of trees on it's right. The road then curves to the Southeast. Along that following straight stretch...the 1/50th Motorpool is on the Right and the Company Areas are on the left.