1st Battalion, 50th Infantry Association

Reunion 2005, Fort Benning, Georgia

A total of 110 men, women and guests attended our 2nd Fort Benning gathering.

List of Attendees:

Dennis Apana - Marsha Weir (Apana) - Antoinette Begly - Kevin Begley - Walter Billups

Tom Blankenship - George and Sandy Borges - Ken Bradley - Paul and Eleanor Buckholdt

Frank and Darlene Burns - Mike Canavan - Sheldon Canter - Tom and Diana Clark

Charlie Copeland (Segars) - Jimmy Copeland - Monica Copeland(Segars)

James Croker - Larry, James and Jeannie Curtis - Ron Davison

Dennis, Ginny and Jason Driscoll - Paul Ehrlich - Edward and Caryl Fischer

James Fitzgerald - Anita Flay (Mitchell) - Louis and Carolyn Frisbie

Vilnis Gailitis - Leon Gallant - Joe and Randy Gelarden - Bob and Sherry Gold

Dick and Cynthia Guthrie - Toby Hamon - Curtis and Nancy Harper - Harley Hawkins

Billy Hayes - Johnny and Sandra Johnston - Toby and Brenda Jordan

Richard and Marlyce Kerr - Tom Knepp - Bobert and Patricia Knightly

Ron Leraas - Ralph and Lani Lewis - Neil and Carolyn Miller - Toby Milroy - Billy Mims

Kim Mitchell - Joe Mlinac - Steve Oliphant - Bill and Linda Payne - Parker Pierce

Thurman Pike - Otis Ponds - Charles Punelli - Gary and Kay Quint

Don - David and Gwen Rainwater - Ventura Rodriquez - Frank and Lucy Romano

Bruce Roth - Russ Roth - Dennis Salerno - Bob Schaller - Dan Scott

James, Lorretta, Michael and Tanya Segars - Jerry Seliski - Jim Sheppard

John Smith - Randy and R.J. Smith IV - Darrel and Suzanne Sourwine

Jon and Sally Thelen - John and Janet Topper - Joe and Kathy Torres

Pete and Marie Tovar - Melvin Valasek - Harry Wilson - James Wonsick

James and Gloria Woodall - John Wright