1st Battalion, 50th Infantry Association

Reunion 1999, Kansas City


A total of 106 men, women and guests attended our Kansas City Gathering.

List of Attendees:

Kenneth and Lawanda Riley - Darrel Sourwine and guest, Suzanne Cleary

Charles and Pamela Tilton - Gary and Susie Parks

Billy Hayes - Jim and Judy Daniels - Russ Roth

Toby and Brenda Jordan - Larry and Carol Sams

Robert Melendez - Jim Sheppard - Thurman Olan Pike, Jr

Gary and Nancy Epperson - Kevin and Antoinette Begley

Tom Knepp - Toby Milroy and his son Carey- Parker B Pierce, Jr

Herman and Inge Allmendinger - Richard and Mareyce Kerr

Howard and Barbara Flippin - Robert and Fran Schaller

Gary and Kay Quint - Don Rainwater and his son David

James Croker - Cal Avery - Donald Lovell

Louis and Carolyn Frisbie - Harry and Ann Wilson

Neil and Carolyn Miller - Joe and Brenda Ewing

Nate and Nancy Nordin - Bill and Kathy Kamphouse

Norman Poage - Matt and Anne Morrison - Steve Escott

Walter and Connie Billups - Joseph and Connie Gelarden

Tom and Rosalie Zamzow - Frank and Lucy Romano

James Wonsick - Jon Thelen - Fred Lohman - John Topper - Miles Hatch

Richard and Cynthia Guthrie and their Nephew, Dave Baker

Debbie, Dave and Judy Barrios (Appeared for Ray Barrios)

Leon Gallant - William Grant - John Golz - Art Arzate

Matt Chapman and his wife - David and Patricia Garland

David R Smith - Brian Thomas - Henry Rosner

James and Loretta Segars - Lloyd and Felicia Walker

Toby and Sallie Hamon - John and Jeri Carlson -  Roger and Lorene Burch

Harry and Sue Bloomquist - Randolph and Mary Smith

Bob Gold and his guest Sharon Dobis - Wayne and Pam McCracken

Tim Hurley (Guest from 101st)