1st Battalion, 50th Infantry Association

Reunion 1997, Alexandria, Virginia


1997 Reunion Photo Album

Shot taken from the balcony in front of Ken Riley's room, looking down into the Atrium at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Arlington, Virginia.
The General Meeting and dinner on Friday night. Dick Guthrie is shown as one of the speakers.
Several of the guests attending the reunion. Gladys Grubb, our Memorial Book Chair, is dressed in pink. Gladys is the widow of A Company's Steve Grubb. Neil Miller in the white shirt and his wife are to the left of Gladys, and Harry Bloomquist is on the far right of the picture exposing his back.
John Fellows is on the left, with Norm Poage holding a glass and Joe Ewing on the right looking our way.

At the Wall.

Front row, left to right. Al Smith, Joe Rinaldi, John Carlson.

Back row, left to right. Ken Riley, Fred Lohman, Norm Poage.

All photos are courtesy of Ken Riley.