1st Battalion, 50th Infantry Association

Reunion 1997, Alexandria, Virginia


A total of 82 people attended our Association's first Formal reunion.  30th years after our Battalion's arrival in Vietnam.

Information provided by Ken Riley as it appeared in the October, 1997, Association Newsletter

Ken and Lawanda Riley, John Golz, Norm Poage, Herb and Maria Randall, Dick Guthrie, Jack Noble,

John Smerdon, Dan Missoff, Gladys Grubb, John and Jeri Carson, David Smith, Tom and Sharon DuBiel,

Ray and Debi Barrios, Louis and Carolyn Frisbee, Billy Hayes, Don Rainwater, Bruce and Edith Bruan,

Mr. and Mrs Robert Newland, Tom Knepp, Jon and Debra Thelan, James and Marlene Delemeester,

Richard Werner, Ron and Jacquelyn Hochman, Kathy Moyer, Patricia and Gregory Werner,

Henry Rosner, Albert and Patricia C. Smith, Howard and Barbara Flippin, Walt, Jason and Jan Wroblewski,

William, Ricky, Jim and Carol Roskilly, Joe and Brenda Ewing, Neil and Carolyn Miller,

Jeff and Linda Felder, Walter and Marion Tracey, Marion Hay, Fred Lohman, Harry Bloomquist,

Mike and Carol Horvath, Lawrence (Toby) and Brenda Jordan, Jim Kelliher, Tom and Rosalie Zamzow,

Mr. and Mrs. Mat Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mlinac, Stanley Walueak, Jim (Doc) Fitzgerald,

Joe and Lynn Rinaldi, Melvin and Ruth Wadleigh, John and Sandra Fellows,

Steve Tinko, William Grant, and Bob Schaller