marching for health

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marching for health

Postby john nichols » Mon Feb 07, 2011 12:18 am

i just filed for ischemic heart disease so i check old medical get into walking a hour a day i called it marching hear is the results in my ekg . treadmill test in 2003 4min and 20 sec. 2008 7min 30 sec. 2010 full 10 min. the other big bonus when i started marching about this month in 2007 i weigh about 208lbs. wore 38 pants. after 9 months i was down to 190lbs and 35 pants and i had a new energy level so i join a gym. now i,m under 170lb. and tried on 32 pants in a store they did fit but a little tight so ill double my marching and try again. one other thing i did was to dive somewhere interesting and do a 2 to 3 hour march on weekends. i have emphysema so i pace my gym work outs to 60 min. i also have never dieted other then cut my ice cream to 1 bowl a week.
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