Fishing with the boys

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Fishing with the boys

Postby harley hawkins » Mon May 23, 2016 10:52 am

Larry Curtis and Randy Smith came down for a little fishing. Toby Milroy didn't come this year so I didn't get any free labor from him. We had a great time and even caught some fish . Spent one night on the phone with Tom Kjos and the three of us give him our thoughts. Tom and Larry will meet at the 1st Cav. reunion in June.
Boys took home some fish and we had a great time.
Randy use's a big pole and heavy line and I'm a light tackle guy. One spot we fished an area heavy with water-milfoils and Pond Weed which is were the fish was and Randy would just drag the big fish in that mess ,he caught some nice ones there. The fish would take my lure and head for this mess and break off my line or get the hook out no room to play them .
Larry stayed in one spot and caught a mess of hybrid bluegills as big as they get and about as good eating as it gets.

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Re: Fishing with the boys

Postby Randy Smith » Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:29 pm

Yes again Mick put us on some mighty fine fishing. We were just about wore out from dragging them in. In one stretch I caught 5 bass that weighed 15 lbs. total, and caught several smaller ones about a pound to a pound and a half each. Mick sure is a fine fishing guide just not much on landing them. We caught some ole catfish too and 3 of those weighed in at nine pounds. Think I'll bring Mick a pole next year that will hoss 'em out. Well gotta go now my golf league starts shortly, oh and did I ever tell ya about my hole in one?????? :D :P
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