D-Day tours

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D-Day tours

Postby john nichols » Mon Jun 06, 2011 7:15 pm

On 12 Jan 2011, at 20:35, John NICHOLS wrote:
I cut and pasted this post together, i hope you can make sense of this.

> Hi Steve, I'm John Nichols, we worked together in the mid 1970's at CFI. I went back to CFI in 1998-2004 when they closed. About 1999 they put up a posting about your medal, in the lab building on the bulletin board where the lab guys took their breaks. I would like to post on my infantry web site when you personally do your D-Day tours. I also know you are a college professor and have a doctorate, could you send me a bio on yourself or direct to me to a web site? Thanks!
> John Nichols

>I worked with Dr. Steve Weiss in the mid 1970's in Hollywood. We worked behind the cameras. At the time he was such a character I thought he should be in front of the camera. He had a BA degree in psychology and after work he would consul WW2 veterans with mental health issues. He would tell me some of his WW2 stories and at times I was skeptical that he had done all these things and still be alive. He quit the company when he was in his late 50's. He went back to school to get his doctorate and was awarded the French Medal of Honor in 1999.

Dr. Steve Weiss
Flat 15
39 Redcliffe Square
London SW10 9HF
tel: +44 (0) 207 244 7677

Dear John,
Of course I remember you, knowing that you and Dick worked together. Enclosed might be of help, and if you're ever over here, I'd be pleased to see you. I do tours for Stephen Ambrose 'Band of Brothers' Tours.
Get in touch too with my good friend Yakir Katz who is CEO of Ambrose Tours at yakir@stephenambrosetours.com Best, and stay in touch, Steve
>>>> Dr Stephen (Steve) J Weiss
>>>> Dr Stephen J Weiss
>>>> Dr. Stephen J. Weiss, is a Senior Visiting Research Fellow on the faculty of the War Studies Department, Kings College London (KCL), a part of the University of London. He holds two Masters Degrees, one from Goddard College, Vermont in 'Clinical Psychology,' the other from KCL in 'War Studies.' He received his PhD. in 'War Studies,' from KCL in 1995.
>>>> Dr. Weiss served as a first scout in an American infantry rifle squad in Italy, France, and Germany. He landed on D-Day in Southern France. Listed as Missing In Action' (MIA) in France, he served with the French Resistance and an OSS Operational Group behind enemy lines. For these exploits, he was awarded the French Resistance Medal, two Croix de Guerre, and the American Bronze Star. President Jacques Chirac of France presented him with the Legion d’ Honneur in 1999 in Paris. On 22nd June 2007 he was elevated in rank and made an Officier de la Leigon d’ Honneur, again at a ceremony at the Chancellery of the Liberation in Paris.
>>>> Dr Weiss also worked as a licensed California clinical psychotherapist in Los Angeles. As a former photographer and music editor, he spent many years in American network broadcast television. In his lectures, he shares his war experiences, as a combat soldier, with his students.
>>>> Dr Weiss is conducting research on and assessment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in a select group of World War Two Veterans. The Canadian landings in Normandy on D-Day is another project of his under investigation. He has led World War I and World War II battle field tours in Europe, from 'Normandy to the Rhine,' and in Italy, from 'Salerno to Florence.'
>>>> His book, 'Allies in Conflict,' was published in 1996. Other articles followed. An American, with dual citizenship, French and American, he lives in London. Dr. Weiss has three grown children and eight grand-children, all of whom live on the west coast of the United States.

I've had a very busy 2010, that may contribute to a successful outcome: lecturing on 'Experience of War' at Kings College London; participating at the annual course, 'Realities of War' at the Royal Defense Academy, Shrivenham in early June, and then leading two 14 day W.W.II battlefield tours for Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours, 'The Champagne Campaign in May (from Nice to Strasbourg), following in the steps of the American Seventh Army and the French First Army. I designed the tour and made all the arrangements to meet with French and American military, cultural delegates, legionnaires, and former Resistants and Veterans of both countries.

The second battlefield tour, 'From Normandy to the Rhine' which began in London on the 11th of July ended two weeks later on the 24th in Berchtesgarden, followed the route taken by Major Dick Winter's 'Band of Brothers,' Easy Company of the 506 Rgt.,101st Airborne Division in 1944-45. Both tours achieved their purpose and were successful in the information, visual and cognitive, shared.
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