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Informative website link

Postby Jim Sheppard » Sat Dec 26, 2015 2:12 pm

I am posting the following message which speaks for itself. I do this since I am no longer editing/updating our "Links" pages on this website. I feel that most people are now quite capable of doing internet searches on whatever topic is important to them. Trying to maintain a links page is a huge effort...and I must consider the fact that this is no longer an effort that is confined to our website.
Dear site owner/editor,

My name is Lara Roberts. Me and my hubby ( He is an ex-navy veteran) have recently started a not for profit resource site that displays all the U.S. military bases on an interactive map.

The site is useful in many ways as it can be used for research for geopolitical issues in terms of arms deployment of the US forces accross the globe, it can also be used by families of service men and woman to find their way around the bases where their loved ones serve to protect our country. It can also be used as classroom material for elementary, secondary or even college education.

The site is a resource for data points on housing, weather, driving directions, base facilities and even historical information of ALL U.S. military bases either on our soil or abroad. We currently have over 500+ bases listed and expanding day by day.

We would like to ask you if it is possible in a patriotic sense for you as a site owner to include a link to any of the military bases on our site from your site. So basically we are humbly asking for you to link to anywhere on

You can easily use the map on our frontpage of to find a base to link to or even a category page like or any of the other army branches. Be my guest and link to WHEREVER you like, including the homepage :)

In this way we would be able to grow and ultimately add more features to the site and be a better resource and perhaps even obtain funding in the future.

Another option would be for me to write any article for your site and then include a link back to, the choice is entirely up to you. In that case I will suggest you a few titles that would suit your website and are related to your site (not ours) to make sure all content I write will be related to you and you can use this as you please as long as our link remains intact.

I appreciate you taking time to read through this letter,

Any questions please reply to this email and I will reply as soon as practically possible.

With kind regards,

Lara Roberts
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