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Ed Sternin - KIA LZ Litts - March 9th, 1968

PostPosted: Sun Jul 05, 2009 1:05 am
by Jim Sheppard
The mailings have all gone out to all the friends and family we have on record. I "snail mailed" 63 letters on Friday...and sent e-mails to another 163 people on Saturday, the 4th of July. So far, only 26 of these e-mail addresses proved to be no longer working...far fewer than I suspected.

I have already heard from several people with "regrets" that they will not be able to make the of these is a girl who was close to our Ed Sternin of "D" Company. I just finished responding to her note and asked if she would put Ed Sternin's brother in touch with us. I believe she will.

This culminates a year's very hard work and I hope we get some positive results. Now I can get down to getting the archives ready for the reunion!

Below is the only photo we currently have on Edward Sternin. I am hoping the family may be able to give us something more substantial. If any of you "D" Company guys are sandbagging photos on us...I'll catch up to you sooner or later! ~grin~

God rest his soul. Ichiban