Barry Feldmann's family found!

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Barry Feldmann's family found!

Postby Jim Sheppard » Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:39 am

I hope you all read out recent newsletter and perused the list of our men killed in action to see if any of you live near where these men were from...and possibly help us find photos for them.

Gary Quint, once again, stepped up to the plate, as he does for this Association so often, and found "B" Company man Barry Feldmann's family. Barry Feldman was one of those from "B" Company killed on December 10th at the Battle of Tam Quan. Barry's mother lived only about 5 block from Gary Quint's home in St. Louis!...and a brother Doug Feldmann is on the opposite side of the street!

Gary requested a photo for our man and the brother came through with a fine photo (See Feldmann's memorial page).

Barry's brother Doug sent me this note tonight:

"I could talk a lot, I guess, but I'll keep this very short.


To me since I was 19, It's been...he was ''just my brother who died in the war"
Now being 64 so many have said to me...I didn't know you had a brother! inferring ... he was just one of those thousands who died in Vietnam. People really have no clue do they? It's probably like that for a lot of our families that lost their ''punk kid'' that stepped forward as their duty, without a question as to why.! Seems not so long ago now.

Bless you guys

And you better believe it...I'm staying in touch......We all live through them.

Doug Feldmann"
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