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New Web Site for 198th! Fantastic!

PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 10:53 pm
by Jim Sheppard
I just discovered that, after a long absence of a website for the 50th Infantry at Fort Benning, the 198th Infantry Brigade has put up an incredible website!
There is a link to a 1st Bn, 50th Infantry page...which is rather simple...but seems to contain up to date contact information.
Go to the link above and watch the videos the Army has created under the heading "Making of a Soldier". Videos are titled: "Reception", "Indoctrination Day", "Gas Chamber", "Confidence and Camaraderie", "Power of the Mind", "Zeroing Day", "Heavy Metal", "Grenades", "Combatives", "Land Navigation", "Eagle Tower", "Leader Reaction Course", and "OCS Trains with Troops".