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Shooting Range Caution

PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2020 12:23 pm
by bbontemps
OK. My wife and I just returned from visiting our daughter in Florida. She wanted to go to a shooting range on her day off from work. Her boyfriend is an Army Ranger Special Forces guy, so he furnished the weapons and ammo. I was anxious to fire his AR-15. The red dot sight is amazing. I was careful to wear protective ear covering when shooting, however I wanted to take photos of my wife and daughter shooting, so I just turned my hearing aids down to lowest setting. Not a wise decision! My hearing got a lot worse. Yesterday I had an appointment with an audiologist at the VA Clinic in Peoria, IL. Got a new hearing test and temporary hearing aids, programmed to my new hearing loss. I am so impressed as to how well the doc and lab crew took care of my needs. They were great.
Lesson learned ... for those of you who have hearing loss from Nam, be careful if you plan to do more shooting. Any hearing loss will just add to whatever loss you currently have.
With everything going on with CORVID-19, safe out there. We are all in that age group. If you have good health, look out for those who do not.
If we made it through Nam, we can make it through this virus. Take care. Bill