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christmas/new year

PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 1:38 pm
by mick hawkins
Was Randy Smith that was the first to wish all 1/50 brothers a merry Christmas and happy new year so from Randy and I merry Christmas and happy new year .

Harley Mick Hawkins

Re: christmas/new year

PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 10:33 am
by George Borges
Merry Christmas to you and family,and may we always hold in our hearts the man who put himself second and everyone else frist,Randy Smith. may we pray for him and all our brother that have pass.So to all have a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year. George Borges

Re: christmas/new year

PostPosted: Mon Dec 25, 2017 10:21 pm
by RJ_Smith
Thank you Mick - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's to you and your family too.

Re: christmas/new year

PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 1:13 pm
by pt9243
Although Randy I spent only a fraction of our lives together it seems like an eternity. Memories of Randy will forever be with me no matter what I do or where I go. Peace be with my brother and no doubt he's up there looking down upon us. Only one place for Randy to go - further skyward.