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Honoring those who have passed since our last reunion

PostPosted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 3:25 pm
by Jim Sheppard
As we did in 2015, we will be honoring those from the 50th infantry who have passed away. Most died since 2015...but several died before this and we did not know they had passed. We will have a special area for this at our banquet on Thursday evening. Here are the names I have written down. If you know of someone I missed, please let me know via e-mail..or post a reply here.

Matt Morrison - C Company
James Fitzgerald - A Company
Mitchel Collins - B Company
Gale "Bruce" Cowan - SRAP
Gary Parks - B Company
Mel Valasek - Medic
Lou Palmerlee - B Company
Randy Groebler - D Company
Michael Seiple - B Company
Verl Lantz - D Company
Rigo Ordaz - D Company
James McQueen - B Company
Wilber Breseman - B Company
James L Mausser - A Company
Max L. Guymon - B Company (Died 1986)

Check our "taps" page to see if we already knew about an addition you are thinking we missed. If his name is there...we do not need to add them to the list.